Lets Not Let This Slide Please

Agheil writes - "Fellow gamers, we’re at a point where real change can happen in the industry in regards to micro transactions."

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firelens389d ago

This is my worry too, are people just going to let this slide by. Are we going to have a similar uproar when they bring it back and change nothing?

N1389d ago

This is a worry. Time will tell.

Agheil389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

We can’t afford to let this Slide. This is a horrible practice that needs to stop on paid games. Go FTP and implement this then.

N1389d ago

I know hardcore gamers will still pay attention but the larger casual audience probably wont be as attentive and on to the next thing.

fenome388d ago

Hopefully they move on quick and the the online components are deserted in a couple of weeks because that's where they were trying to force all this crap with false "longevity". I'm hoping they broke it's real legs trying to give it expensive prosthetics it didn't even need.

electricbanshi389d ago

We wont but we'll see if it does damage to this level

alphafallen389d ago

i see a rally but not as big as the one we just had

Agheil389d ago

Lets hope it’s big enough!

alphafallen389d ago

ill definitely keep my focus on this for sure. >:|

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The story is too old to be commented.