The Darkness II received huge price cut on Steam

The Darkness II has received some huge price cuts, the game is currently available at just $5.99  on Steam, 85% lower than its original price $39.99.

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UltraNova24d ago

I had a blast with the 1st one. It was perfect. The 2nd not that much, was pretty forgettable tbh and the cell shading, although beautiful, was not my kind of tea

That said, if they make a 3rd one they should make it a bit closer to the original's...vibe and looks.

kevnb24d ago

Its not even made by the same team, I hate when publishers do that.

veicht24d ago

I still enjoyed 2, it still kept some of the neat things from the first one. Having said that, the first is considerably better, I'd rather the 3rd (somehow) end up being made by machine games which seems to be where a fair amount of the darkness/butchers bay devs ended up.

chris23524d ago

are we talking switch ports again or why is another lastGen game in the headlines?

ctrlxthroat24d ago

I'm still hoping for a pc rerelease of the original.

Venox200824d ago

I personally enjoyed this one more than first game (even though I think first one is good too)