GT: The Conduit: Graphics and Gameplay Interview

New technology powers the detailed graphics and engaging gameplay behind this Wii FPS.

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cooke153487d ago

Ok great looking game but that guy was REALLY annoying

vashivihang3487d ago

that was an example of nervousness of a small time developer. these guys at HVS remind me of the PC devs from the early 90s with their passion etc. I hope that he stays that way : talented yet humble.

not like those PR c0ckyness you see from other devs cough cliffy b cough

nintendojunkie283487d ago

I 2nd that...can't stand cliffy b

ChickeyCantor3487d ago

Cooke, this is his second interview actually if im not mistaken.
That guy is just like that xD.

jorgeanaya0003487d ago

That game looks even better than the last time I saw it and 16-person multiplayer, I heard COD: WAW for the Wii will have half that. Keep it up, HVS.

chanmasta3487d ago

... interview! The music at the beginning sounded very good, I hope the soundtrack to this game will be just as good.

"revealing lots of secret areas and (raises eyebrows) lots of goodies you can grab from there" LOL!

Day 1 buy, excellent game!

jtucker783487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Good interview. Dev seemed a decent guy. He's the sort of guy you want working on your project.

Game is coming along well.

Doppy3486d ago

I must admit I was wrong all those months ago. The game looks a lot better now. It looks like they tried to take elements from Resistance and Bioshock. Hopefully it does well, and hopefully most Wii games will use this engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.