Microtransactions Outpacing Game Sales Sets a Worrying Precedent

For the first time ever a major AAA publisher has had in-game digital purchases, subscriptions and microtransactions outsell digital copies of their complete games. Does this set a worrying precedent for the future?

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strayanalog401d ago

Only a matter of time before this happened since its introduction last gen. “Player Recurrent Investments” has had enough time on the market for younger gamers to have grown up with microtransactions/season passes as a normal thing, so I expect this to probably get worse. The real kicker is how the industry will use it to their advantage now - if they tend to abuse, that is. This is indeed worrying, but expected.

Palitera400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

It is inevitable. Simple as that. But it might crash in a few years, when games get SO bad design/progression-wise, that it might collapse over itself.

agent4532399d ago

That will never happen when your customer is so gullible and corporate loyal. Please don't hurt their favorite multibillion dollar corporation.

SierraGuy399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Oh trust me it will happen with regards to gamers who have been playing a long time who don't put up with this bs. Must everything become a point of sale? This will truly change and destroy gaming eventually. What about that poor gamer that can barely afford the console game and TV not to mention the active internet connection and stupid monthly membership? So what they are at a disadvantage? Shame on the game developers for letting this happen and I do believe this article is bogus. No Activision and EA are so f#cken greedy your selling out your hardcore user base to make a few extra bucks. The f#cken idiots at the top of these companies don't even game.

MegamanXXX400d ago

I think the video game reviewers will be Key. If they keep complaining about it in their review that might actually help

agent4532399d ago

The reviewers and game journalists are in favor of this and make it sound that is ok and good for the gamer. I have yet to hear a game journalist against microtransanctions. They even fought against pc gamers in regards to paid mods. PC gamers were against paid mods but the gaming media insisted to not fight back and take it. We have no official voice that helps gamers that is the problem.

PhoenixUp400d ago

When Reality Crash currently boastsover $3.5 million made from its virtual currency thanks to microtransactions before the game is even out, you know things have depressingly gotten out of hand

400d ago
AnubisG400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

And we can thank the casual clueless players for this.

Gaming is on a fast trak to ruin. I said this when they introduced DLCs first that it will get to this but everyone called me an idiot. Yet, here we are. Pay to win. Content held back for MT and loot boxes and DLC is the norm. If you guys think it can't get any worst, think again. It will get much, much worst within a few years.

My advice: don't buy a single MT, loot box and dlc. Only buy games at $20 from now on. That is the only way we can show companies what we think. They don't give two shits if we write them e-mails or create petitions.

Elda400d ago

Folks that have a high interest in certain titles & have $60 dollars to spend are going to still buy including myself,folks don't have to buy a single loot box or MT to enjoy the game & not buying them sends a message alone.I'm loving Shadow of War,played a year of Overwatch,D2 & several other games & I haven't spent a dime on loot boxes or MT's.

agent4532399d ago

They still got your money

Chaosdreams400d ago

The younger generation will see this new gaming structure (microtransactions) as natural, and thus will spend their money without realizing they are paying for things that used to be free, and/or unlockable.

There is a mentality to want to have a better/fuller product. Instead of us being delivered one, we are sold it in bits and pieces. If someone has a general love for the game, they will be more prone to spend their money (And honestly, you can't hate someone who loves a product and wants more of it, but you can certainly label them as the weakness). There are those who seem to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a single game (At that point, hate them)... It's undeniably clear why the Devs/Pubs want to change the gaming landscape. While 100 gamers might drop off, 1 gamer will make up for that loss of revenue and then some.

The problem is now that the games themselves are feeling less and less "for the gamer" and more and more "for the profit." The change alienates the older generation (because the games are garbage -> Battlefront 2, what are you? You're not a game - you're just a slot machine). This also warps the minds of those naturally growing accustomed to paying more for literally colour schematics and prettier emojis because, hey, that's what they've seen more of rather than games as a full product upon release day.

Soon the days of owning multiple games and enjoying their stories will be gone. If you love gaming, you may end up with 1 title, and constantly put money towards it... Because if gaming is now a service, we all know we won't want to pay for multiple services.

Cobra951400d ago

Slicing off parts of a game and stuffing them behind a paywall is yesterday's travesty. Today's is much worse. “Player recurring investments” are a continuous predatory fleecing of the player, without adding anything of substance to the game.

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