Gran Turismo Sport vs Driveclub Graphics Comparison

Driveclub although it was released back in 2014 still is one of the most popular benchmarks for console racing games. Recent GT Sport release gave us yet another opportunity to confront it with Evolution Studios greatest title. Which game do you like better?

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WePlayDirty266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Man... If Driveclub 2 was ever made, and if it was more of a Sim it would be an insane game.

UltraNova266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Why, who said every game needs to be a sim? I loved DC the way it was, not too arcady and not to sim-like. It was great.

KickSpinFilter266d ago

Yup, Sim tends to be a bore, DC had some crazy kinetic energy to it. The sensation of speed is unmatched, with this quality of graphics. One of my favorite racing games of all time, and I go waaaay back. lol.

madforaday266d ago

Driveclub was a piece of art, I never really like racing games because I always felt like racing games were made for you to win (unless it was a sim racer). Driveclub you really needed to learn how to race to win. It felt so good to win a race because you know you did all of your laps perfect.

ILostMyMind266d ago

GT is already a sim. Let DC be a arcade race.

UKRsoldja266d ago

If Driveclub 2 was a sim, it would have to be 60 fps and would look worse as a result, even with ps4 pro optimization.

UKRsoldja265d ago

TheJig - what are you not getting? Driving sims are 60fps. Which means Driveclub would have to sacrifice some graphical fidelity to reach that fps and level of physics processing.

Nacho_Z266d ago

Am I the only one who would be interested in a PC2 and GTS comparison? It feels like the most relevant comparison and it's the only one I haven't seen on here.

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g-nome266d ago

Only if Driveclub had that 4k pspro update

_LarZen_266d ago

Driveclub is great. But it’s a blur feast compared to GTA Sport and it’s higher resolution.

The_KELRaTH266d ago

It needs that PRO upgrade :)

_LarZen_266d ago

Yeah I’ve been crossing fingers for so long now. But it’s not looking like it will happen.. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.