Nintendo Switch Owners Report USB-C, Charging Problems After Using Nyko's Portable Docking Kit

Owners of Nyko's Portable Docking Kit for Nintendo Switch are reporting that the console no longer charges properly after using the dock, and it could be because the accessory is damaging the system's USB-C port.

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trumpwonstopcrying57d ago

Damn. Yet another nyko product fail. I've only bought a few nyko products over the years but they have all broken.

gudugu56d ago

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Asuka56d ago

This is why i dont use third party chargers...

raWfodog56d ago

That's why I don't use third party anything...I'd rather be safe than sorry and pay a little more for the first party brand.

Erik735756d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I plan on getting a switch at some point after the holidays (playing my roommates switch all day lol) so stuff like this should get ironed out.

Id imagine in the future Nintendo might release a switch with a much fancier dock. If there's one thing I hate about the Switch its that darn cheap plastic dock.

yomfweeee56d ago

2 random complaints... let's make an article.

Enigma_209956d ago

Look at the bright side. At least they didn't blatantly blame Nintendo.

Shuckylad56d ago

Unfortunately official licensed products is the only way.