Assassin's Creed: Origins' Post-launch Content May Be Enough to Bring Burned Fans Back

With the recently announced Assassin's Creed: Origins post-launch content detailed. We take a look at why this may just be one of the main reasons to give the series another go if you weren't planning to buy the game. We already knew the game was going to be massive, this just makes it bigger and better than even that.

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ZeekQuattro341d ago

I'm a big fan of the Egyptian setting and its still not enough to bring me back. I had my fill of the IP with 1 , 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, IV and Unity. Unity killed the franchise for me.

ninsigma341d ago

Unity was such a bad game the franchise was dead to me as well. But I decided to give syndicate a go recently and just finished it the other day. It was so much better the Unity. And actually got me interested in the franchise again because it was fun to play. So I'm actually going to give Origins a go and I'm looking forward to it which is something I didn't think I'd say about an assassins creed game again.

341d ago
stupidusername340d ago

Syndicate is what Unity should have been, I recommend trying it if u get it cheap. Hopefully Origins will be refreshing.

Bigpappy341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

My most anticipated X1X game so far. Love the openness, RPG elements and improved fighting. Put all that is this beautiful package, and what we have here folks is a sure hit.

jojo319340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Ha! you got down-votes because you mentioned X1X. I'm still amazed at how much people actually HATE the "other" console. So insecure. More consoles = more competition = better products for EVERYONE. I'm not sure which "war" has more hate. Dems/Republicans (US) or Xbox/PS. I proudly own all 3 and it's bliss.

Prince_TFK340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Lmao...this site. You can’t reason with them.

Julion0715340d ago

This site is ps crazy you can’t mention the word Xbox around here 😂😂 it’s jus a game console why they so serious with the down votes

ninsigma341d ago

The look of the main game combined with the awesome looking expansions is bringing back. The game looks great and the setting is really interesting.

LegoIsAwesome340d ago

So let them get burn some more lol. Is that a big problem? Even if they comment negative stuff about the game, at the end of the day they will still buy it even if they like the game deep inside lol