Why a single map has kept Battlefield 4 alive and unwell on consoles, four years on from launch

The four year siege: why Battlefield 4’s most famous map is still adored and despised by thousands of players to this day.

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InTheZoneAC425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Whenever I'm on hardcore large conquest that map never comes up. I can think of many other preferred maps.

RexKwonDo425d ago

Yeah. I'll take Rogue Transmission or Golmud Railway over any other maps.

xX-oldboy-Xx425d ago

I'll add Zavod to that list, SIEGE is the map I like the least.

Black0ut424d ago

Golmud represent, that's my favourite. Might cop some hate but I love locker 24/7 too lol.

BF4 is still going so strong it's amazing.

giyopilam425d ago

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InTheZoneAC425d ago

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DrJones425d ago

I heard it was $9812, get your numbers accurate

timlot425d ago

Battlefield 4 is still popular because its a balanced conventional shooter. There's no "flavor" to it like "cops and robber" BF Hardline or even WWI inspired BF 1. No gimmicky weapons, flame throwers, horses and swords. Just modern weapons, vehicles, and aircraft.

InTheZoneAC425d ago

All I want from bf is a modern shooter. Bf1 is fun, but has no lasting appeal. Don't care for WW settings either.

Rude-ro425d ago

The beauty would be to bring all bf3 maps to bf4 and update it.
Make it a package, I would pay.
They would make more than enough money off of the rented servers.

InTheZoneAC425d ago

Bring bf3, bfbc2, and bf4 maps over to their new engine, call it bf online

Rude-ro425d ago

I stand corrected with even a better ideal.

Black0ut424d ago


someone hire this man. holy crap nice idea :P

NextGenCeo425d ago

Golmud Railway Forever. Me and my friend like to get Jets and Helicopters with tanks:) No joking just check my YouTube channel and saw my videos :) I love Golmud Railway no:1 map for me :)
(ESL guy here)