F4F Taki Exclusive Pre-order

First 4 Figures has made an amazing Taki statue for you collectors and is also doing a giveaway, check it out our post for details!

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masterfox359d ago

I think the proportions are correct, so now how about some Ivy ? ;)

SavageKuma359d ago

I honestly want a Kalik figure. They did do Nightmare recently as well.


Yeah, I was a bit surprised they started with Nightmare... I figured the ladies would sale better.

Vhampir359d ago

For the low low price of $435 you too can have a statue of Taki. F4F has outrageous pricing. Especially for how cheap their figures look.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI359d ago

It's not made of a plastic. $400ish is a typical price range for statues like this

SavageKuma359d ago

This is all made for collectors. These Statues are done with high quality, it is not an action figure or something less made.

CrimsonWing69358d ago

How does that look cheap exactly!?

SavageKuma357d ago

Thats what I would like to know too. This figure does not look cheap at all.

kakashi81358d ago

Those prices though...I'm getting SF5 Ken and 3rd Strike Ryu action figures. Lol

AnubisG358d ago

Ahhhh.... once I win on the lottery.

DivineAssault 358d ago

It looks incredible but im not blasting $400-$500 on this..

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