Atari 2600’s 40th Anniversary: An Old-School Recollection

Have you played Atari today? (Note: I began work on this article the day before Hurricane Irma struck Florida. After three days of sweating and suffering, power was restored to my neighborhood. The following days were a blur of catching up with work, trying to get my internet service back up, and generally going nuts. This article took a back seat. I know this article is way past the Atari 2600’s anniversary date of September 12th, but there is no way I couldn’t post this article. So apologize for the delay. Hopefully, the article will make up for the delay.)

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Einhander1971446d ago

What a great article, my love for Atari and retro gaming run deep as well:)

fiveby9446d ago

I remember the day I got my 2600. I think I stayed up all night in anticipation of playing Space Invaders and Adventure the next morning. Played a ton of games on Atari 2600. I also remember playing Activision's "Pitfall" quite a bit too. Like the author, I missed out on much of the NES craze as I was busy with other things at that time. If only that have microtransactions back then. ;) jk

Relientk77446d ago

Atari 2600 was my first gaming console. Wow what memories with a controller that had only a joystick and one button