Doom for Switch and Doom VFR Hands-On Previews \\ paulsemel

A hands-on look at both the Switch version of Doom and the virtual reality prequel Doom VFR.

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Neonridr331d ago

"The controls worked the same, the demons were still unrelenting, and it was just as much bloody good fun. And it looked the same, too. Well, from what I could see on the small screen. In other words, it’s the same game"

That's good to know.

EddieNX 331d ago

Day 1 for me. We're beating this same dead horse again to the haters that this is a portable version. They just don't understand XD

Neonridr331d ago

just nice to hear someone who has actually played it give an impression saying that it was the same game. Not some stripped and watered down port.

EddieNX 331d ago

Yep same game. Just running at lower settings (which we expected ). It's pretty incredible they got it on the Switch at all... makes you think, what else could come to the Switch?!!!

darthv72331d ago

It very much reminds me of the Doom 3 port to og xbox. some sacrifices had to be made but overall it was Doom 3 on a console that paled in comparison to the PC at the time.

Switch version is amazing as well and most who have played it said it played just fine on the handheld even at 30fps. i dont think being docked will make it 60fps but it should improve image quality while maintaining a solid 30fps.

331d ago
BenRage3331d ago confirmed that undocked Doom only runs at 30fps. No word yet on the framerate docked. That's a deal breaker for me though as the main selling point to double dip is to play on the go. And while 30 fps is still playable, for a game as fast paced as Doom I don't think it would be worth it, speaking only for myself of course.

Jinger331d ago

Framerate docked will be the same, but probably just more stable and less dips in the dynamic resolution. DF was saying it dips down in the 540p range and could go lower...

The dock only slightly over clocks the system so you may just see a more stable resolution and 30fps.

331d ago

Some of the most fun i had with my psp back in the day was playing some of the PS2's "little brother" 3rd party ports. The idea that this is the full version of a game, albeit with an understandable downgrade, is pretty awesome.

If a great looking game like doom can run on the switch with some sacrifices, i would easily support that.

bacrec1331d ago

I've been enjoying gaming this year. My goodness!

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BlackMagicWolf331d ago

I'm glad to hear this is a full-on port and not just a sliding to another console.

wonderfulmonkeyman331d ago

Here's hoping the upcoming Wolfenstein game comes over just as successfully.

Big_Game_Hunters331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

some people like myself may say that 30 FPS is too low for a First person shooter. But at least Bethesda can rest easy knowing that some gamers have no Issue playing FPS games at 30 frames. For example Any PS4 Pro/Xboxone/PS4 owner that is enjoying Destiny 2.

ONESHOTV2331d ago

30 is understandable on the switch but home consoles? there is no reason all games arent 60 if they cant handle it then lower the settings but 60 should be the standards

wonderfulmonkeyman331d ago

Honestly, if they have to cut down on graphics to hit a steady frame-rate, I'm perfectly okay with that, regardless of whether it's a handheld or home console game.
I actually wish that more games would give us the option of lowering resolution to up framerates in the options menus.

cpayne93331d ago

30 fps feels like crap on a mouse but honestly it isnt bad on console with a controller.

Neonridr331d ago

yet Destiny works just fine @ 30FPS on consoles.. funny how arguments can be made when they need to suit a certain angle.

Lexreborn2331d ago

Graphics engines have evolved so much that literally I don't see any real difference from playing these games aside from it being a little murky. Ultimately the gameplay is identical and even though at 30fps it doesn't seem to be hard to play at all. I'm positive switch players will enjoy this game thoroughly

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