Cover and release date revealed for The Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV

The North American cover and release date have been revealed for The Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV.

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PaleMoonDeath447d ago

For some reason my heart jumped when I saw the picture, instantly thought of a MGS4 PS4 version.. :(

PaleMoonDeath447d ago

1080p 60FPS, I'd dig through it all over again in a heart beat! they wouldn't need to keep MGO but that would be godly.. ugh, I need my MGS fix. Death Stranding is the closest we'll get I suppose! still, shouldn't be difficult to put MGS4 onto the PS4 right?

_-EDMIX-_447d ago

I would buy that again instantaneously

TheSinsibleOne447d ago

Just played thought MGS 1,2,3 and 4 last month for the first time in 5 years. Still the best game series EVER!

stefan_771446d ago

I'm surprised a current generation version hasn't happened yet

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TheSinsibleOne447d ago

How you remaster MGS 1 and make it a bundle with 1-4 Konami. You stupid assholes!

2pacalypsenow447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

How do you remaster a Ps1 game? I mean they could use the PC version but even then, the original game has aged pretty well on Ps1.

And they have already done that it's called the MGS Legacy collection, I'm not opposed to a MGS 1-4 o the PS4 though, mostly 4 since that one would benefit the most.

bloop447d ago

MGS1 was released on the GameCube with vastly improved graphics, which was practically a remaster. The graphics were on par with MGS2 and looked a lot better than the PS1 release.

2pacalypsenow447d ago

That was a remake and that version was terrible, the mechanics of MGS2 do not work work MGS1, they would also have to remove all of the Nintendo references just like MGS4 with the PlayStation 3. Unless it was made exclusively for Nintendo or PlayStation.

TheSinsibleOne447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Don't understand the dislikes. Do people not want to play MGS 1,2,3 and 4 on this gen!?

_-EDMIX-_446d ago

No, they simply don't want to play it the way you've just described it.

I'm not entirely sure why I would want to play a remastered of Metal Gear Solid 1 as opposed to a full remake in the fox engine. I'm a big metal gear solid fan but even I would question what exactly would you really do with remasters of the last Metal Gear Solid games when they were already remastered on PlayStation 3?

stefan_771446d ago

They should remake the original Metal Gears first

_-EDMIX-_446d ago

Agreed! That's the only way I'm buying a metal gear game from Konami.

Metal Gear 1 and 2 complete remake in Fox engine

2pacalypsenow446d ago

Metal Gear 2 is basically Metal gear Solid