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Bonus Round: The Ultimate Q4 Preview - Part 1

Gametrailers and co take a look at some of the hottest shooters to hit store shelves this holiday season. (Arcade, Call of Duty: World at War, Culture, Dev, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Gears of War 2, Industry, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, MadWorld, Mobile, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, Resistance 2, Saints Row 2, Wii, Xbox 360)

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TOO PAWNED  +   2521d ago
Shane and Pachter, i mean couldnt they pick someone worste than those two?
One is 360 fanboy wiht his head up his a22, other is complete idiot that know NOTHING about games.
And how can anyone pick COD5 over R2? Game isnt even made by infinity ward, i will tell you who, Fanboys!
MAR-TYR-DOM  +   2521d ago
Watching the video second time through
I got a sense that some ppl had some of m$ money up their asses. Classifying people who own ps3 as hi def people and not "hardcore enough" just proves your retarded Patcher. Then using that excuse to justify why resistance 2 isnt going to be as good as gears just make you *insert derogatory word*

Then "predicting" (funny how its patcher) that gears2 will be marketed bigger than halo 3 (even though the game is a month away and i don't sense any hype) and move X360's is just a classic prediction. We know its going to be wrong! And we heard the stupid ps2 argument again, lol that never get old. "60 million ps2 owners who still havent bought next gen console?" Where the #$#% do you get these numbers!?!?

both the GT editor and patcher were dismissing R2 as "Just another shooter" wtf is gears2 and cod5? there just as generic and their predecessors. If anything R2 has made the most improvement as a sequel of any of the mentioned games. GT as a whole seems quite biased towards the 360. I got that impressions many times before and this show just reinforced that notion!

We already know what that they will review Gears 2 high and probably higher than Resistance 2 as Jeff already said "9, 9.5 or even a 10 for gears" There main editor Shane also seems like he has never touched a ps3 so that tells you all you need to know about what types of reviews will be coming out for ps3 games. Take 8.7 for mgs4 story lol!

I'd like to end of by saying, No identity for Resistance 2? I'll give you one, how about
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Hooded Vendetta  +   2521d ago
No matter which console you have
No matter which console you have, Its on of the best years in a longtime :D

Cant wait for some of these titles.
Premonition  +   2521d ago
Boy I hope Resistance 2 proves these guys wrong, what does resistance 2 have to do with casuals? how come they didnt talk about Gears of war 2 for casual gamers, cause its not, and nither is Resistance 2, I believe both will sell well, and wtf is up with patcher saying Blu ray will move 360 fans over, this guy needs to retire and leave the NPD predictions to a Pre-K kid.
thenickel  +   2521d ago
That was actually a good show.
dwjohnson011211  +   2521d ago

R2 has a massive feature set but nothing that really stands out or has an identity of it's own.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Even resident SONy fanboy Shane Shatterfield admit's if their's one game worth sixty dollars this year it is without a doubt Gears of War 2.
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silverchode  +   2521d ago
how is shane a sony fanboy?
MAR-TYR-DOM  +   2521d ago
are a tard. Shane a sony fanboy? He oversaw the MGS4 review and time and time again shown how much he loves the 360.
ReaperXL7  +   2521d ago
It wouldent be Gears
If anything it won't even be a Hardcore title, As of right now, LBP has had so many people going nuts, and crashing websites just to play the beta I can only imagine whats going to happen when the game is released.

I don't think I have heard any game coming out that is getting anywhere near the amount of hype LBP is getting, I've seen 3 different commercials on tv for it, wal-mart, amazon, gamestop, all have their own commercials for the game, G4 had an all LBP special, hell there are even Billboards for the game.

Who knows, maybe i'm going to be wrong, but I can see a huge launch for Sackboy, all they need now is to cash in on the Plushies.
tocrazed4you  +   2521d ago
Nathan Hale doesn't have his own define character? How about a guy who is infected with a chimerian virus that will become the enemy in 18 hours and has that much time left to save all of north america before the chimera enslaves all people... god so retarted this episode is
silverchode  +   2521d ago
i doubt they have even played the first resistance.
shysun  +   2520d ago
They said the first Resistance Sold 1million copies but last time I checked it was @ 3.12 mil sold! They have no idea what they are talking about!

Off by 2mill, that's unacceptable.
tocrazed4you  +   2521d ago
they talk so much about the xbox 360 and no little big planet...
dwjohnson011211  +   2521d ago
you guys are stupid
Resistance storyline is nothing worth writing about.

LOL@i doubt they played resistance.

Typical SONY fanboy fodder.
Meus Renaissance  +   2521d ago
And what exactly do you call Halo's storyline? You know, save the world from alien invasion. That jazz
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silverchode  +   2521d ago
for a fact patcher hasnt played resistance.
chasegamez  +   2521d ago
gametrailers hit a new low
these 3 fool have no idea what sony is doing

these dummy dont know how 2 hook up a bluetooth headset

f@@k all 3 of those 360fangirl

gametrailers hit a new low
rbluetank  +   2521d ago
Have any of these guy's seen the videos on gears aka Horde on his on GT streams. before juding identity
Have any of these guy's seen the videos on gears aka Horde mode on on GT streams;before juding who has an identity problem Geras2 or R2

R2 has improved on every aspect of the gameplay compared to Gears2. The identity is on gears2 side not R2.. R2 has a story and a character that i like more then any of gears2 character outside of Cole.

R2 has changed the gameplay mechanics for mostly all its guns and added more guns. They have a "huge" variety of enemies. The graphics or years above the last one. They went from 40 to 60 in two years; same time as gears2 but add 18 more players. R2 also added 8 player coop online; which you and a friend in your house can meet up with 6 other people to play online. I know gears2 is a different game then R2 but where in the snhell is the improvements. the only thing i see that jumps out at me is the "redrum" not backwards but redrum forwarder on the screen when you shoot someone. Please look at the video on GT. they call this new gameplay / improvements when the locust is running around with a snub pistol not the new gorgon pistols in a machine gun,flamer thrower shotgun,sniper rifle fight. Great Ai on Horde mode. as if. lol This tells me that on easy or hard they may not be that smart. the game randomly picks guns for them later on in horde. it might not be that smart of a move in the gameplay wise either. Where is the gas grenade or any grenade being thrown by the locust..?? The mode is called horde right!! it not called not "my pistol/sniper at close range is bigger/more badstrass then you machine gun..ect" The locust could not even load the snipper rifle right..lol The locust could not even pistol smack the guy on the ground.. lmao The locust is not even ducking with the pistol; he is running right into bullets like his spawn time was up. it looks like a scene from the matrix when k reeves entered the subway... Hello Mr. Smith!! The locust was running around like he had a shotgun glitch in his sniper rifle. The locust should have been near a roof or something... not "kicking cans" in the wide open with a snipper rifle. I will break it down to the smallest of details.. The 1500 lb boomer is ice skating when he walks. The cog guy did a super jump at the last end of the video... The AI snucks so far... the animation is broken on the locust so far.. They need to talk to the dev who made fear for AI help and mocap the locust and cog animation.. flat period!! Once again i hope they fix it..

Epic should make gears an online game only with 10 vs 10 or more. The story dropped brown berries on gears1;they do not need it!!! i will buy the game but it has some issue that needs to be flatten out... FYI the gears has nothing on R2 that includes gameplay wise as well. GT now is off the watch list...
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