Capcom Names Tim Bennison As CEO

Not sure if this is a big deal or just the usual stuff that goes on at a corporation but they thought it was key enough to send a release out for. Capcom has announced that Tim Bennison will be their new CEO.

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derkasan223d ago

This is just for Capcom Vancouver, but it's still interesting nonetheless. Makes you wonder why they wanted a new C-level exec at the company - maybe the previous one got some flak for how Dead Rising 4 panned out?

Garethvk223d ago

That makes a lot of sense. Company has been a bit of a mess to work with the last couple years from the press side. Used to be very good and easy to work with. Then the P.R. firm they deal with said they cut the amount of review material available greatly.

Soulst0rmer223d ago

When the hell are the 2 RE7 story DLC packs coming out?

Garethvk223d ago

There is yet another great question.

Gamefiend23223d ago

Maybe now they can get more games out there. A new Mega man would be nice not the collections. If they were to do another collection though it should a full remastered of the X series

Garethvk223d ago

They need better games and better p.r. as they have become a mess to work with. So much so we have limited the amount of coverage we give them.