AIAS Talks Deus Ex With Mary DeMarle

Mary DeMarle, Executive Narrative Director of Eidos Montreal, talks to Raymond Padilla for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' DICE Europe Summit. In the interview, she talks about the evolution of Deus Ex, her evolution as a writer, and whether or not the Illuminati actually exist.

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DarthSocio470d ago

Shame there's no info about a sequel. I wish they would finish the story for all the fans who love the Adam Jensen series

thelaughingwiseman469d ago

It is a shame what they did to the game. Apparently Edios Montreal had enough game story and gameplay in a game but Square had them split it up to make a trilogy. That is why the game felt so unfulfilling and was quick. And since it "did bad" Square decided to put it in the back burner and have Edios work on their Disney contracted games. Talk about a conspiracy...