Could This Be the Best Game Company of 2018?

If Square Enix sticks to its dates, it can have the best 2018 out of anyone. But then, could it mess up and leave people wanting for years again?

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annoyedgamer203d ago

This is the same company that shelved Hitman and Deus Ex after two great titles right?

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

Great in sales?

"Great" doesn't pay the bills.

They might feel they undersold and can't really kept making something that isn't recouping back its cost.

Who knows.

BLizardXD203d ago

"If Square Enix sticks to its dates"

big "if" right there.

DrJones203d ago

New Tomb Raider is a lesser version of Uncharted with pretty bad writing and cheesy story

Fishy Fingers203d ago

Still great games in their own right. I enjoy both franchises, personally.

bluefox755203d ago

Yeah, they really drop the ball in terms of story. Games could have been so much better if the characters weren't all so forgettable.

FrostXVenom203d ago

Agreed but the it has more gameplay elements than UC which last till the end of the game.Tbh i didnt care about story as it wasn't that bad.They focused heavy on Lara and thats it.Other characters were just for the sake of the story progression.

chris235202d ago

i like tomb raider much better than uncharted. uncharted is do damn overdone. while tomb raider brings in a bit of fresh air. but only so far. another installment of tomb raider i am going to ignore, too.

Akuma2K202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Uncharted is good but Tomb Raider is better, don't know where you got Tomb Raider having bad writing and cheesy story from either. Tomb Raider storylines and writing is still top notch after all these years, this is the series that started it all.....and no, Tomb Raider didn't copy Uncharted it's the other away around.

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staticall203d ago

Will not be surprised if next article gonna be "Could This Be the Best Game Company of 2099? Valve, for Team Fortress 3, Portal 3, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. If Valve sticks to its dates."