Is Arkham Insurgency the next Batman game?

Jack Matthams looks closely at what might be in the next Batman game

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crazychris4124503d ago

I was hoping we would get a different DC superhero or supervillain from Rocksteady. There have already been 4 Arkham games, think its time they tried something different.

ziggurcat502d ago

origins wasn't rocksteady.

crazychris4124502d ago

Well aware of that, still counts as an Arkham game.

Gaming101502d ago

The team in Montreal that did Origins is doing this game. This may mean Rocksteady is doing yet another bigger batman game down the road, or god willing, will be working on something fresh and cooler like Spawn, which could use all the same game mechanics and engine if you think about it, with some new stuff to keep things fresh and interesting.

wheatley502d ago

Most likely they are since Insurgency is being developed by a different studio while Rocksteady work on something else.

Seraphim502d ago

The Arkham games have mostly been phenomenal. Not sure what could take it's place but I'd definitely prefer to see Rocksteady work on something fresh. Generally speaking I think it would be nice to step back from the Batman IP for a few. There's been a nice gap between releases but a little added time off with something new between would be great imo.

isarai503d ago

if so i hope it's not rocksteady, i love the studio, but i want to see something new from them.

GamesMaster1982503d ago

And I hope it is Rocksteady as they know what they are doing and how to do it.

SmielmaN502d ago

I agree. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I enjoy the Batman games immensely. Give me more. But maybe a character swap. Let's get all of Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, even the armored Batman from the Knightfall comic run (can't remember his name but his outfit was bad ass).

FalloutWanderer2077502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Agreed. Arkham Knight was the last Batman game being made by Rocksteady and any future Arkham/Batman games would be developed by WB Montreal who developed Arkham Origins. I think Rocksteady has earned the right to pursue other projects. It's a win/win for fans IMO. A new IP from Rocksteady and more games in the Batman universe by other devs.

opinionated502d ago

Agreed. They did phenomenal with the batman IP, it built their name. Every studio this good needs their own IP. It would abusive imo to keep them locked behind commercial IPs, regardless of the hero. I'm not hating on DC games but rocksteady deserves their own property, at least one. It will probably the origins team and I wasn't very fond of that game, it was ok just kinda boring. The mr freeze fight was cool though.

wheatley502d ago

Read the article. It's being developed by the team who made Origins

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GamesMaster1982503d ago

Has this even been announced or anything ? or is all this speculation.

-Foxtrot502d ago

I was hoping it would be another hero

Green Arrow (Not that Arrow TV show crap)
Jonah Hex
Booster Gold

BlackTar187502d ago

Constantine would be so epic or jonah hex.

FallenAngel1984502d ago

Can't we get videogame featuring another DC character

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