Up to 42% off Resident Evil PS4 and Xbox One games

Amazon has heavily discounted several Resident Evil games on Sony's and Microsoft's consoles with Resident Evil 4 dropping to $14.99, Resident Evil 5 to $15.97, Resident Evil 6 to $15.36, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to $34.99 and Resident Evil Origins Collection to $19.97.

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NapalmSanctuary519d ago

RE6 is still trash, even for an action game. Makes RE5 look like GOTY.

andrewsquall519d ago

Even with the death of character Jill Valentine, RE6 was still worse lol. (I don't mean literal death, I mean she is just dead to me like the rest of the franchise).
RE7 is supposed to be good but I still can't believe a good RE exists after 2005 lol, THAT is how much damage has been done this past decade to the franchise.