Check Out EA’s Last Most Successful Battlefield Title In 8K/60FPS Gameplay

Battlefield 4 proved to be a very successful title for EA. Despite its rocky launch, EA took a while to get stuff fixed with Battlefield 4. Since 2014, Battlefield 4 started to gain traction and quickly grew a great player base that were enthusiastic for the game.

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Apocalypse Shadow499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

Who's able to even watch this in 8K? Seriously... Why show things most can't see? Are these even 8K textures?

Why not show it in 96K? I really want to see the difference.

frostypants499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

And 8K monitors aren't even a thing.

frostypants499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

@GeeksULTD, send me a link for one I can buy.

@Testfire, thanks for doing what whatshisface couldn't. So Dell has a 32" one for $5,000. You'd have to damn near press your face against the screen at that size for your eyes to pickup on much.

Eonjay498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

4k isn't a thing yet regardless of what you may hear.

cartoonx1498d ago

whether its 1mil$ or more its available so its already a thing.
and yes 4k is getting alot more common on PC thn what you guys think. still 1440p with 120 fps should be preferred over 4k/60 imo

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LightofDarkness499d ago ShowReplies(2)
XiNatsuDragnel499d ago

8K 60fps greatness only on PC.

GeeksULTD499d ago

Agreed. But I think consoles wont be dying out anytime soon.

frostypants499d ago

Sweet. You have an 8K monitor?

frostypants499d ago

@XiNatsuDragnel, you spent $5000 on a monitor?

Allsystemgamer498d ago

And some people spend 10k on a tv. What's your point?

bluefox755498d ago

@allsystemgamer People that have that kind of disposable income tend to have a slightly higher maturity level, also I would assume they spend their time doing things other than trolling internet comments every day.

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leeeroythe3rd499d ago

Beyond my budget though... it is amazing and drool worthy.

4×700 = 2800 for video cards alone

spicelicka499d ago

8K 60fps greatness only on *expensive ass* devices.

I'm sorry but if you can't run it at 8k 60fps on every PC then you can't attribute greatness to just "PCs".

BrettAwesome498d ago

You don't have an 8k monitor, you lying little shit :'D

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GeeksULTD499d ago

Now thats some next level graphics

frostypants499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

It looks the same, since nobody can watch it in 8K, and you clearly didn't play it in 8K anyway because consumer 8K monitors don't exist.

GeeksULTD499d ago

8k consumer monitors exist. Where have you been?

Testfire499d ago

This must clearly be a figment of my imagination

BrettAwesome498d ago

Yeah, they do. And all these lying wankers can't wait to tell how much they all totally have one...or two

GeeksULTD499d ago

Still waiting for 12k while GPUs catch up

Dlacy13g499d ago

lol... so am I missing something? the Youtube video embeded doesn't even have a 4k option on the settings... so how is it someone is supposed to watch this in 8k exactly?

Fishy Fingers498d ago

By the power of imagination I guess :)

He doesn't even provide a source/download to get them in native. So yeah, pointless. Bet it looks lovely for him though.

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