Sony Thinks That A Resurgent Nintendo Is Good For Gaming And They Are Right

In a new interview with Jim Ryan, the global marketing and sales head of Sony, he talks about how a resurgent Nintendo is good for the industry and that is entirely correct.

Now, you need to understand that this is the same Jim Ryan who didn’t understand why people want to play classic PlayStation games. That aside, his comment on the success of the Switch is a noteworthy one.

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Eonjay514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Of course they are. It's about protecting the industry and moving everyone forward. Nintendo also has a lot of talent. We don't want to see developers fail to support one company. That's twisted and it has the opposite effect. Some want Sony and Nintendo to fail because of an altercation that goes back to Sega (which manifested as Xbox) but we want to see everyone succeed and grow the industry. It nothing else think of the workers.

Also, about classic PlayStation games, I'm playing Star Ocean: TRoT right now on PS4.

naruga514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

ok you exagerate alot there ...none wants the doomfall of a game company....Nintendo has some of the best software teams out there (if not the best) but the most canibilizing unfair moneygrabbers in hardware managment i would like to see them eihter get serious and release a proper home console or get the Sega route and release only software they just surviving as parasites sucking the Mario and Zelda IP (now include also monster Hunter and Yokai

MVGeneral514d ago

Sony knows that people who buy Nintendo (mostly children [Like the wii]) will upgrade next gen to a more serious console like the Ps/Xbox. That's what happened to the Wii crowd (all those children end up being gamers growing up and buy a core and serious system like the ps4/xbone. Like my next door neighbour and my nephew (who begged his parents to get him a ps4 over a wiiU) who are prime examples.

Nintendo's consoles are like those learning computers (for toddlers) for simple minded individuals to get introduced to gaming. And then they get smarter and evolve and buy a more complex system with more complex games.

Like disney movies are high rated and make good money in the box office but they don't challenge your mind or are complex in any form. People flock to watch it because of nostalgia and the simplicity of it. Movies like inception and Interstellar are far better movies but appeal to a more smaller albeit mature crowd and don't make us much $$$ or garner mass followings.

Nintendo is riding it's nostalgia wave and it's accessibility and appeal to younger audiences. I was at EB games the other day, and I had seen a few parents come and ask about the switch and the clerk told them it's sold. And one of the ladies said to go to toys r us because they had about a few in stock and she just picked it up at noon.

So sony plays it smart. It appeals to the burned former Nintendo gamers that are looking to upgrade. And don't get me wrong. I also started as a child on Nintendo's SNES and then the Sega genesis and then n64, psone and GameCube then ps2 and been on the ps train ever since. I did briefly own a Wii but sold it on Craigslist after a few months (played galaxy, And Zelda). But yeah. Sony smart.

wonderfulmonkeyman514d ago

I'm sorry, but you can't use IP reliance as an evil trait without implicating 99% of big third party publishers as well.
People who honestly care for Nintendo, who aren't just fanboys with twisted ideas or fake fans that just want Nintendo to stop being a competitor to their favorite consoles, do not want Nintendo to step out of hardware.

-Foxtrot514d ago

I always felt back when it was Sony v Nintendo things were more interesting...and a lot easier. People could argue over what company or console was better but people still ended up having both.

MVGeneral514d ago

Xbox basically cut into Sony's territory this gen. Sony messed up on the ps3 and lost a bit of footing. But Nintendo decided to go after a younger and nostalgic crowd. But in the end sony should be winning by a mile if it was only Sony vs Nintendo.
I know I bash the switch a lot. Because Nintendo burned me more times than I can count. I really don't like the system. But I will buy it one day. When they drop the price and when a good special edition bundle comes in. Right now I don't have the time to play as I have a back log of ps4 games I need to finish. Plus new ones coming out soon. I'll be buying the switch just for Zelda and mario. Because I grew up with those franchises. But I still don't like the system or Nintendo's business practices.


Sony didn't "mess up" with the PS3. It still ended up outselling the 360 worldwide. They just didn't do as well as they normally do.

Out of curiosity, what business practices of Nintendo's don't you like?

PhoenixUp514d ago

Wtf is this article taking about? I'd say the PS4 already has plenty of casual appeal

Ashlen514d ago

I love Nintendo, I grew up with Mario and Zelda. I can't imagine a gaming landscape with out Nintendo, certainly something special would have been lost.

If anything I think it's unfortunate that Nintendo had to break down and add things like paid online and DLC's even when it's obvious they tried to fight it to the bitter end. Nintendo is certainly not with out it's flaws, it's handling of online video content is terrible and they haven't handled fan games well either. But for the most part they are still "the good guys" when it comes to gaming in my eyes.

I hope the Switch does well and they can continue to entertain in the way only Nintendo can.

Segata514d ago

To be fair Famicom/SNES and N64 had DLC in 1st party games. it was Gamecube and Wii they kinda got away from that.

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