Should Ubisoft Be Entering the Toys To Life Market With Starlink?

New IP Starlink: Battle for Atlas was revealed during Ubisoft's E3 conference showing off toys to life functionality, but it that a risky path to take?

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greysun123525d ago

That's risky in in late 2018

Meyers09525d ago

Gotta get that shelf space

Servbot41525d ago

"Hey you know how Disney Infinity is dead, Skylanders and Amiibos litter bargain bins, and no ones heard from Lego Dimensions for ages? We should definitely enter that market, seems like a good investment to me!"
- Ubisoft, probably.

_-EDMIX-_525d ago

That was like the worst part of the entire trailer I started to get worried and more worried as it continued.

Second I saw toys I was like "so we're not buying this"

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