The Best Assassin's Creed Villains, Ranked by How Pointless They Were

Twinfinite Writes: Assassin's Creed has had some memorable villains, and then some not so memorable ones. We take a look at how the major villains of the series stack up.

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PhoenixUp64d ago

Is there really an Assasin's Creed villain with a mustache that curly

DedicatedDark63d ago

An Englishmen must have Curly mustache! Look how intimidating that is!

The7Reaper63d ago

Yep in Syndicate, fun game but you're just distracted by his wonderful mustache

Relientk7763d ago

That guy in the image looks like he's from The Order: 1886

Lynx020763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Because both games are inspired by victorian England. Kids these days...

TheUpbringer63d ago

I agree with most of the list, but I always thought Cesare was a terrible villain. He seemed more like a spoiled brat with a lot of money than an imposing force. Especially considering the real Cesare was much more subtle and strategic with his actions, his portrayal in Brotherhood was way over-the-top.

Prince-Ali63d ago

well the games are based around the exact same period of time.. so thats not surprising lol