Hunt: Showdown - Crytek Return, Teasing a Brand New Game

Crytek are back. The fabled, but recently troubled, creators of FarCry and Crysis have teased a brand new title Hunt: Showdown. The first teaser trailer was revealed today.

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Woolly_213d ago

Crytek needs to get their ish together..

I liked the Crysis series. Plus, they've got a great engine.

I'd love if this new title is big budget AAA title.

sho0ok213d ago

Looks good, reminds me of The Order.

But I hope it has a better gameplay.

UltraNova213d ago

What was wrong with the Order's gameplay, I liked it. They game only needed more content.

As for Crytek's new game they better be serious about it they need to make something truely special if they ever hope to bounce back.

sho0ok213d ago

Come on man, it was a movie not a game :)

We need more game play rather than watching a cut scene for 10 minutes between each chapter.

However, I hope it can reach the level of graphics of the order, because it was awesome.

The 10th Rider213d ago


Still, the fundamental problem wasn't the gameplay, it was that there wasn't enough of it. The two big complaints in regards to gameplay was that some sections restricted you to walking, which just made things dull, and the boss fights were all repetitive QTE. Other then that it just needed more gameplay.

Kamuze213d ago

Hunt Horrors Of The Gilded Age?

gtxgamer2213d ago

Yes. Dunno why they changed the name it's so generic now with "showdown" it in. First name was so much better.

213d ago
SilverDemon213d ago

Still no timesplitters4 or collection

Cryteck, why?

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