Vaporware Chronicles - Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

Jerry from BagoGames says, "It turns out that Square Enix is keeping us from exploring Nosgoth in our favorite vampire series Legacy of Kain. Let's discuss the series' past."

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UnHoly_One559d ago

I would love another Legacy of Kain game. What a great series. Hard to imagine it's been so long since the last game.

DedicatedDark559d ago

A reboot or a remake. Nothing else.

danknassty559d ago

They need to stop being d-bags @ Square Enix and allow this franchise to resume. I used to loveee these games when I was a young PC gamer growing up. They have the old ones remastered on PS3 (via PS2 classics) but nothing on PS4, especially a new chapter.

danknassty557d ago

Not sure if there's a way to edit comments on N4G (lurked here for a while but new to posting), but let me rephrase what I said - I shouldn't call them d-bags because I actually love their games (Tomb Raider reboots, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, etc) I am just disappointed they are blowing off my favorite childhood franchise which they could do so much with still! And thanks for the replies.

Fist4achin559d ago

Another LOK would be badass.

ShinnokDrako559d ago

I really liked Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Hell, i loved it! I named my dog after the main character, Raziel, even! I liked Soul Reaver 2 too and i didn't like so much Defiance.
But i'd really like a remaster/remake, maybe merging together all the games to make a huge one. Or maybe let you choose when you start: Raziel so you can play all the Raziel games, from his point of view; Kain, so you can play from the beginning (but i didn't like to much the first LoK... i'd prefer a 3rd person action/adventure) etc etc.