Most LittleBigPlanet Beta levels are doomed!

Leo Cubbin, producer of LittleBigPlanet, confirmed to that all the user created content from the Beta version of the game won't be usable in the full version.

It looks like this subject was discussed a long time ago, but are the level creators aware of it?...

However Leo admitted that they may pick the best levels and transfer them to the real game.

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SnazzyD3558d ago

It's a different build, so this is no surprise. It's a BETA for crying out loud...

Agente473558d ago

So what? The level data is identic or very simillar.

Blademask3558d ago

The code for a switch in the final build, may be different than this older build. Meaning that it wouldn't work in the full build.

In short, the math that calculates everything if off by a fraction of a percent.. would change the outcome of your level.

testerg353557d ago

Blademask, then what's the use of beta testing the older build? New code could have had removed the bugs found in this beta or introduce new bugs.

angry_xbot3557d ago

The purpose for having beta is to iron out bugs. Not to have some privileged few have an instant head start over everyone else.

If you want freebies, go look elsewhere. You start at level 0 just like everyone else!

Shane Kim3557d ago

Damn right angry xbot, damn right.

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Expy3558d ago

This was already mentioned more than a year ago.

Hydrolex3558d ago

How can I get a Beta code for U.S ?

if you have, I would be appreciate if you send me via PM !

chaosatom3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

that's all I wanted to hear.

f7897903557d ago

Its a beta. I expect them to keep the best of course to be extra content available immediately on release.

theKiller3557d ago

they will have an update in around november/december that will include many levels including the ones that was made in the beta!!

and they will constantly update us with new levels created by users!!

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Agente473558d ago

I am pretty sure you're wrong. They could make a converter if they wanted to, they just don't see the point. Read the article, he said they could keep the best levels.

Agente473558d ago

So people that downloaded the Beta 2 days ago and already spent lots of hours creating should know and remember what was said one year ago, and that couldn't have changed since then? Ok...

I bet most level creators are not sure about this, and with good reason, Media Molecule are not that sure themselves.

Max Power3558d ago

if it is mentioned within all the 'contracts' you have to agree with in order to play. i know i never read any of that.

DavidMacDougall3558d ago

My stuff keeps gettin deleted and i cant load my maps ?

Drekken3557d ago

Maybe its just not good enough! lmao We need to coop tonight, leave all that Burnout crap alone!

f7897903557d ago

The game will come out in less than a month (or less maybe) and I dont want to make levels that will be vaporized upon the beta ending.

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The story is too old to be commented.