What Constitutes The Purchase Of A Full-Price Game?

A user-submitted article written for goes in depth on the topic of what makes a game worth its $60 price tag. All games are NOT created equal, so what passes for a complete gaming experience in the modern gaming era? This is discussed here.

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Stoneroses63003580d ago

glad to see slapstic is getting some user submitted articles, finally!

if you like this one, check this one out:

hombrehambre3580d ago

I just played Bioshock for the first time yesterday and I haven't said "Oh my God" that many times in such a short amount of time in my entire life. The word amazing isn't good enough for that game.

tinydancer3580d ago

Welcome to last year, man. It's great that you enjoyed it though. I've never met anyone that didn't :). Bioshock = gaming nirvana

Close_Second3580d ago

BioShock was...just ok in my opinion. The graphics were solid but jaggies were the order of the day and having no main character shadow was disappointing. However, the overall atmosphere was pretty good and the scenery was packed with lots of detail.

The game was just far too scripted for my liking. You knew they were setting you up for key moments in the game which ruined it a little for me. Prime example is when the old guy gets you to check in all your weapons before he lets you in. No surprise he wants to kick your ass once he lets you in.

Also, I found the whole Adam thing just another monetary system which whilst original in execution (i.e. harvesting young girls), was not something that made the game any better. Big Daddies were great until you beat your 5th one and then they become so so. Oh yes, I dislike FPS games where your character can basically hold as much as he/she wants without it effecting their movements or capabilities.

Worst thing about the cracking. I hated manually cracking safes as the pipes game has never been a favorite of mine.

I know I'm in the minority but I still believe that BioShock was still over hyped and although it almost delivered, its still just a highly polished, heavily scripted FPS.

Obviously just my opinion and I'm glad PS3 owners get to make up their own mind. Its just a pitty about the timing of the release given that LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 are just around the corner.

hombrehambre3580d ago

Is Bioshock any better on the PS3? Or is it the same?

tinydancer3580d ago

I've been wondering this too. I've read that the general consensus is that it's a TINY bit better, so it's not enough to warrant a purchase if you own the 360 version already.

Shadow Man3580d ago

"However, PSM3 also admits: "If you're a lucky multi-format owner who favours visuals over some extra puzzle levels, you're probably better off with 360's original."

TheColbertinator3580d ago


Do you love the Sega genesis?

air13580d ago

i agree with all that he said. i mean, after paying 60 bucks for a game like bioshock and soon fallout 3, how can games like alone in the dark cost 60 bucks? i cant even play through a whole episode cause of bugs.

yea, i got the game b4 the frikin review and it will never happen again. atari is garbage.....

RKRigney3580d ago

Geez, I had heard that the game was AVERAGE, but not that bad. I'll definitely avoid it if it's like that, though.

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