Crytek Shanghai Reportedly Closed Following Failure to Pay Rent and Salaries

Crytek’s financial woes hardly surprise us anymore but it continues to pop up in the news every now and then for questionable management practices. The studio’s latest victims are its Shanghai-based employees, who’ve reportedly been unpaid since September 2016.

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520d ago
windblowsagain520d ago

Unpaid, that just isn't on.

Crytek failed to understand so many things.

A shooter needs more then some fancy graphics and physics. The MP has to be the most solid of all now. They squandered it with Crysis. Although SP it was decent in many places.

Ryse was good, but was never going to be a massive seller. Those types of games never are. 1.4million sold. A second Ryse would be a waste of time.

For the engine they have. An action RPG would have been the right way to go.

Hopefully they can salvage something from it.

EatCrow520d ago

Ryse still is one of the better games this gen since launch.
I like roman gladiator settings tho.

I believe MS tried to buy Ryse IP afterwards. Hopefully they do before Crytek goes completely under.

indyman7777519d ago

Hopefully they do so AFTER it goes completely under. Because THEN is when they will get the best price. But you may STILL be right because if they pay more for it they will be under pressure to do something with it and to justify spending a lot.

I hope all the FULLS that came on here and DEFENDED Crytek and their slezy executive who called his employees impatient because QUOTE: "it has ONLY been six months since they got paid". How many people can go two weeks without getting paid? There is always sellouts because they liked the game.

krypt1983520d ago

Ryse was a great game the story was solid gameplay and combat was solid, i look at ryse how i did the first arkham batman game, combat was stale because the set of moves was limited but it was a great framework for a franchise. Ryse 2 could of been amazing is they addressed then issues it could have been microsofts god of war. The crysis franchise was amazing the only multiplayer that sucked was 3 and it really didn't even suck you just don't split your multiplayer base when the audience for the game isn't that hugh. I honestly don't know where crytek went wrong they use to be a great company maybe they expanded too much too fast?

Godmars290520d ago

Pity then that when Crytek came onto the scene graphics were the only thing that mattered.

520d ago
dkp23520d ago

Sjould of sold ryse ip to ms.

LexHazard79519d ago

You crazy.. Ryse 2 needs to happen por favor.

mark_parch519d ago

I recently downloaded ryse as it was free with gwg. the game is amazing, super fun gameplay, great story, amazing graphics and a surprisingly good multiplayer. I really really hope there's a sequel. the critics scores really hurt the game. if they had released a demo at launch I think it would have done much better. I think it's criminal how some critics scored it lower than 7.

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conanlifts520d ago

Someone really needs to buy crytek. It would make sense for ms to do it, but i do not think they will.

Puertorock77520d ago

Why would buying a company that earns little money in games sales makes sense in buying?

Eldyraen520d ago

Because if crytek had better management and financial decision makers, they wouldn't be in the same position they are now (assumption on my part, but seems likely).

Plus it could give MS multiple new Dev teams at the same time. What they did with them
though is questionable as MS doesn't have the best track record with some of their pick ups/partners (Lionhead/Scalebound being some of the more recent high profile ones).

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

@Puertor- To flip the IP or to use the studio to create an FPS of an IP they own, ie Nintendo could use them for their own IPs, Metroid or even a new IP.

Think Smash Brothers, means Team Fortress 2, FPS game that has a bunch of Nintendo characters and classes, DK as a Heavy, Samus as assault class, Kid Icarus as Recon and Sniping, Peach as health etc

Don't think of a team as simply an IP, think of a team as a core group of developers that can create a game, doesn't need to be a game that "earns little money" as you are talking about a IP that failed, NOT about a team in general. Yes, their games as of late have sold poorly, well their team direction as been bad, doesn't mean the team is bad or that the team can't produce quality.

We've seen many teams in gaming go from "meh" to OMG very quickly.

Who knows what a great publisher can do with Crytek.

TheUndertaker85520d ago

Because the company is capable of producing games and has gaming products on the market proving their employees did something even with Crytek giving them this treatment. Further those same employees may be able to produce better results with a different engine and company.

Puertorock77520d ago


And who's that great publisher? Microsoft? If that was the case what happened with Platinum Games with Scalebound. It doesn't make sense for any company to buy Crytek when the core developers that make up the studio don't develop games that are sell. I can see maybe buying a few talent here and there to build a new studio but to buy them as a whole is a waste.

They're known for graphics but as you can see it didn't help them in the long run. Crytek don't really make appealing games to the masses. Buying them would be a money pit.

TheUndertaker85520d ago

What you're comparing though just doesn't work. Under Crytek Cryengine is king but frankly Cryengine doesn't cut it. It's why they use it the way they do.

The team seems to be competent with what they're using. Imagine what they could possibly do with a different, better engine. Crytek as a company can be swallowed.

indyman7777519d ago

Good question. I have a reason. Crytek has a GRAPHICS reputation. Microsoft is trying to make a comeback with a new machine that is good in......GRAPHICS. They have MARKETING that money can't buy built into their name that says cutting edge graphics.

I have a second reaons. Imagine HALO in Crytek graphics on Scorpio, or even Forza or a new IP many people have been calling for new IP's from Microsoft.

I have a third reason.
Look at Sony they have a division that helps many other internal divisions with graphics on games and it helps a LOT. Microsoft can do the same with Crytek.

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_-EDMIX-_520d ago


Maybe Sega, I mean they already bought one of their studios.

520d ago
conanlifts520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

That's possible. MS need more ips and a way to expand the number of games produced, which is why i mentioned them. But i do not think it likely that hey will buy them out. Sega are the most likely if it happens.

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

@sd11- Agreed. MS can use them for a AAA FPS, they can use them for Halo and let 343 do something else new, they can use them for Ryse etc. That team would be a smart buy, I don't know how much of the Crytek folk in Shanghai did on those IPs though, just a thought.

Sega could buy them based on already buying up one of their teams, who knows. Hope someone helps the out as I can see MS, Sega or even Nintendo needing a great FPS developer for future projects

SaveFerris520d ago

I hope the employees manage to find new jobs, but can they sue for the unpaid salaries?

EatCrow520d ago

This seems to be common in the industry...Bit of a shame.

520d ago
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