Bit-Tech: BFG Tech GeForce GTX 260 OCX Maxcore Review

Tim Smalley writes:

"It's always hard to judge the value of a card that has just arrived on the market, because retailers usually charge above the odds for whatever's new, which consequently makes the new hardware look like poor value for money. With BFG Tech's GeForce GTX 260 OCX Maxcore, the same is true to some extent – it's currently just over £250, including VAT, which means it's a lot more than the Radeon HD 4870s and 'old' GeForce GTX 260s out there on the market. It's also not much cheaper than a GeForce GTX 280 and in fact, we've managed to find one on special offer for the same price as BFG Tech's new GTX 260 OCX Maxcore."

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