GiN Interview: Greg Worch

John Breeden II writes: "Creating and running a massive multiplayer game serving thousands of players is far from child's play. In fact, there are many challenges that host companies can expose themselves to in regard to accepting electronic payments. The fact is that accepting payments online is an effective way to conduct business, but it's important to be mindful of potential fraud that could affect any MMO's bottom line.

The makers of an MMO can actually lose money accepting their payments online if they are not careful. Thankfully, MMO providers have ways to help defend themselves from payment fraud. In fact, veteran merchant acquirer Chase Paymentech has solutions designed specifically to help protect MMOs and their users, keeping everyone safe when connecting to, and paying for, their favorite online worlds.

We logged in with Senior Vice President of Chase Paymentech Solutions, Greg Worch to find out what kind of financial challenges new MMO providers typically run across, and how Chase Paymentech can help provide multiple lines of defense, to keep the gold flowing."

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