To Unlock Everything in For Honor You Have To Pay $732 or Play 2.5 Years

For Honor's microtransactions system has been quantified - you'd have to pay $732 or play 2.5 years as a casual player to unlock everything.

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ccgr367d ago

Good grief, how about neither?

nX367d ago

Well playing this mediocre game so long certainly seems impossible... but someone will probably be stupid enough to spend hundrets on the microtransactions. At least I didn't make the mistake to buy it in the first place.

thekhurg367d ago

I got the game for free with my Nvidia card and felt it was a mistake to even download.

sourav93367d ago

Well as someone who's put some hours into it (not a lot though, as unfortunately these days I don't get time for gaming), I wouldn't personally call it mediocre. It has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun to play. The main issue with the game is the constant server issues, disconnects, unbalanced matchmaking, etc. That is what will kill the community. If Ubisoft don't sort out their backend, players will look elsewhere. With regards to the micro-transactions, since everything is cosmetic, I'm not too fussed. Though it is frustrating that the in game currency payout is abysmal.

Just an opinion of someone who's actually played the game and is aware of the issues first hand.

badz149367d ago


No need really to play the game to experience the issues surrounding this game post-launch. Watching Angry Joe's review, these issues are highlighted and it looks terrible

ravens52367d ago

It's actually a good game. But ye, I dnt buy dlc or anything anyway. They do this cause people purchase it, silly

Palitera366d ago

Yeah, badz, thinking for yourself is way overrated, right?

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It means you need to be uber stupid to support that style of pricing!

367d ago
threefootwang367d ago

Precisely why I never buy Ubisoft games Day 1. They're worse then EA imo.

DreadGara366d ago

For Shameless​

A Frank Gallagher game.

TheBeguiler367d ago

I didn't even last two weeks let alone two years lol

crazyclown367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I didnt even last 20minutes in the beta lol

KaiPow367d ago

Is this all cosmetic, or do some of those items have in-game benefits?

Festano367d ago

I think it's all cosmetic, which is why I'm not bothered at all

PlayableGamez-367d ago

Lets be real here dude, this is a terrible deal both ways for cosmetics.

Ultr367d ago

true, cosmetics? well let them get money for that all they want

annoyedgamer367d ago

It has benefits, small ones, but they accumulate so if a player wanted to he could buy huge amounts of extras and get an edge.

Think Battlefield 4 where user buys all the weapon attachments to get an edge over others.

Krysis367d ago

Yeah but in BF4 you could unlock that stuff in a reasonable time.

SirBradders367d ago

Agree with cysis and the ultimate shortcut pack was like 70 quid a tenth of the price and took atleast a tenth of the time to unlock.

MetroidFREAK21367d ago

I put this game on the shelf for good after a few days... *since I buy digitally, I uninstalled* what's worse is I bought the season pass like a bloody idiot 😢

AnubisG367d ago

This was a good lesson not to buy a season pass on day one. You can wait untill the first DLC drops to buy the season pass. By that time you can decide if it will worth it for you or not. Live and learn right? :)

Alexious367d ago

Never pre-order with a Season Pass

georeo367d ago

That's your fault. Should of research

MoonConquistador367d ago

He wasn't trying to blame anyone for it, in fact he pointed out his own stupidity.

So lay off on the dad like lectures

SgtSlaughter212366d ago

* Should have.

If you're going to be a douchebag, at least get the grammar right.

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The story is too old to be commented.