5 Games to Play After Beating Resident Evil 7

Beat Resident Evil 7 and looking for another survival-horror game to play, try these!

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Lbolt187265d ago

Alien isolation and outlast were amazing games. Outlast 2 has a chance to outshine RE7. Can't wait for Outlast 2

265d ago
CorndogBurglar265d ago

Outlast needs some kind of fighting mechanic and weapons.

RE7 is soooooo good, simply because you can stand and fight if you feel you have the ammo and health to spare.

Kornholic264d ago

Outlast has almost no gameplay mechanics. One of the most boring games I've played.

SeanScythe264d ago

Outlast has so much going for it if only they would allow you to fight back. It's stupid to believe someone in that position wouldn't grab a weapon even if it was a stick or pipe. Even if you can't 100% kill the attacker just to help fight back.

264d ago
sealava264d ago

The Evil Within is also a great game , Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami served as the game's director .