One-of-a-Kind Celestial Event Expected in September

"Authorities at Nintendo are forecasting an extraordinary celestial event this season. Expected to be visible on Sept. 18, this eye-popping occurrence will be best viewed from a handful of specific U.S. locations (see below). Experts are still deliberating over the scientific significance of this rare phenomenon, but evidence points clearly to the reemergence of a luminous entity that citizens from all walks of life will appreciate."


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Panipal20053620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

What, are NoA going to announce Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is headed Stateside? Because that's the only Wii game, besides Disaster Day of Crisis, that matters a damn in Q3 2008

EDIT: read the article and saw a few mentions of 'Kirby'. Kill you*, Nintendo, you wankers.

*Since I can't say f**k, I'll say kill, which according to Robert Anton Wilson (RIP) should be more offensive.

Smacktard3620d ago

Kirby > Fatal Frame. Fact.

Panipal20053620d ago

Fatal Frame > contrarianism. Fact.

GlossGreen3619d ago

If it's source is earthbound. Some bogus PR move instead of something to appeal to actual gamers.

TruthbeTold3619d ago

...that we wish it WAS Earthbound. :)

kesvalk3619d ago

i think it's something related to kirby...

remember, kirby rides a star...