GameZone: Dissecting Dead Space Grotesque Visuals

Resident Evil shaped the world of survival/horror, and Resident Evil 4 later redefined it. Silent Hill interjected its own brand of creepy, while Fatal Frame showed us that anything can be scary -- even photography. But what these and most other survival/horror games have in common is that, no matter how fun, definitive or just plain cool, very rarely do they introduce a new monster that makes you step back and wonder, "Where did that come from!?"

Dead Space, EA's first major venture into survival/horror, plans to change that with a new breed of vicious creatures. To find out how the developers pulled it off, GameZone turned to Dead Space's Art Director, Ian Milham.

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LinuxGuru3571d ago

This game is really shaping up to be something unique.

For once, I am really looking forward to something being done by EA!

A survival-horror 3rd-person space / sci-fi game with great graphics, real-time shadowing (CRITICAL for proper atmosphere), and great animations and monsters...

Should be pretty good based on my checklist.

Radiodread3571d ago

inately buyin this game the foist day. And I'm glad it's on both consoles so there's no hardcore flamage of the game, but just appreciation of a good game. CUZ THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE!