MS Responds to August NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

Xbox 360 is on track for a record-breaking holiday with a new sweet spot in pricing and the launch of the New Xbox Experience this fall. At $199, Xbox 360 offers the greatest entertainment value available, with the leading online service, the best games, and the greatest selection of downloadable movies and TV shows.

Xbox 360 continues to move more games for third party publishers than any other platform With $94 million in third party game sales in August, Xbox 360 generated more dollars at retail for third party publishers than any other console, to date generating $4.1 billion, or 58% of share.

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chaosatom3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Why is shane kim on the pic every single time??

anybody know the hardware sales for worldwide?

HighDefinition3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

They should be, they finally did it again..... beat the PS3 on it`s(360s) "home turf".

It`s been a while.

nbsmatambo3594d ago

they better enjoy it now because once the heavy hitting PS3 tittles come its all over...

then again 360 also has a few games coming as well =/

tough to tell who will win this year =D

3594d ago
ReBurn3594d ago

I think that there were good sales numbers all around. Really good stuff.

Microsoft deserves their props this month. Hopefully it spurs publishers to give us more of the gaming goodness that we all love.

season0073594d ago

nor with any excuse

Disagreers why don't show me some links that either they aren't please or they don't have excuse?

SL1M DADDY3593d ago

Of course, 'cause in MS's mind, North America is the only continent on the planet...

Shane Kim needs to keep that head of his in the sand more often, the real world is just not the bed of roses he likes to think it is for MS and their Xbox 360.

AAACE53593d ago

Why is it, every time an article of good news about the 360 shows up... the SDF shows up? Do they feel threatened by the 360 having a little bit of good fortune?

You guys do realize, the more you respond to these types of articles... the more popular the 360 gets, and the less Ps3 news you get right? This whole time you didn't realize you were being played like a sucker!

SL1M DADDY3593d ago

A few people posting up what some of us call "reality checks" to what Shane Kim says about the NPD numbers is not in any way going to make the PS3 news go bye-bye... You keep telling yourself that though...

In the end, it is so true about MS, they focus on their NA numbers and forget that there is a big world out there beyond the borders of their home continent.

IdleLeeSiuLung3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I always assumed that there were equal numbers of MS bashers as there are Sony bashers. I was about to post this, but decided to do (admittedly quick and potentially in-accurate) research and hopped over to the other thread about "Sony Responds":

Funny thing is, there is like almost no Sony bashing and there were quite a number of MS bashing on the first page here and when I say bashing I mean negative comments toward MS or its employees. So I guess there is a bigger proportion of die hard Sony fans here on n4g.

I was about to comment "I bet if you hopped over to the Sony thread you will find an equal amount of Sony bashing".... Guess NOT!

I'm going to guess that I'm going to get more disagrees today?

thebudgetgamer3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

seriously has there ever been a generation of gaming that there was three successful consoles on the market at the same time. witch in turn is good news for us the gamers

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HipHopGamerShowFan3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

The PS3 beat the 360. NPD doesnt include system bundles. NPD is only 60% of the market anyway, not covering wal-mart and several other large businesses. MS shouldn't be pleased.

Death3594d ago

The PS3 wasn't counted and the 360 was. If neither system is counted, than the averages being used are still correct. As far as bundles not counting, that is software sales and isn't even true. Hardware is always counted bundled or not. An example of this would be MGS or Motor Storm which were packed in for "free" with the PS3. Technically pack in MGS sales wouldn't have been included with MGS retail sales figures.

If what you are saying is true about bundles not counting, that would exclude Wii systems with Wii Sports, all the Holiday Xbox 360 SKU's, the Arcade SKU all year around, The Launch PS3's with Talladega Nights, the PS3 40 gig Spider-man 3 Sku, Motor Storm bundle, etc. Suddenly it doesn't make sense that MGS bundles aren't counted, does it?


etownone3594d ago

thank you DEATH

seems no matter what, sony fans will ALWAYS find an excuse.

NMC20073594d ago

So what would you say if Sony came out ontop of MS in the NPD and they were pleased? What would you say? Would you say this exact same thing or would you have a bit of a different post here?

I am curious.

NPDs aren't important unless Sony is ontop, right? Right. Gotcha.
*thumbs up* cool dude.

SL1M DADDY3593d ago

Right... Kinda like how MS fans tout shortages for every month the 360 was outsold by the PS3...

Guys, there are silly fans on both sides, don't become one of them.

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Breakfast3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

PS3 is still the better console. No matter who sold more systems.


chaosatom3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

u should too :)

on topic: madden did pretty good.

Breakfast3594d ago

After what happened the last time, im sure it was a good thing you ignored me.

On Topic: The xbox did very well last month.

I cant wait for next months NPD, and more excuses.


chaosatom3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

He will sometimes act bipolar.

But I am still going to ignore him.

Although Silogan is more annoying. Breakfast is like sarcastic biopolar type of guy.

on topic: We'll have to see come october how microsoft will do.

LightningPS33594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

just like Microsoft lowered the price of the 360, they will be killed this holiday. That's just the bottom line.

Sony Rep3594d ago

Sony will look at all the possibilities and reevaluate any needed changes if need-be. Right now, the 360 is as unwanted as a fat kid at a swimming pool-- sort of like you.

I have not heard one single retail that has sold out of 360's. Funny, because the $500.00 MGS4 sku was sold out before it even touched retail.

LightningPS33594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

"Right now, the 360 is as unwanted as a fat kid at a swimming pool"

That's why it outsold PS3 in August?

...And that was without the price cuts.

ChefDejon3594d ago

the 360 basically this whole year.. and i wonder what the worldwide sales look like

Sony Rep3594d ago

Yeah, because 10k is HUGE, HUMONGOUS, GARGANTUAN, and BECAUSE half of America= Whole world. (NPD doesn't track all retail channels in NA.)(The 360 also gets outsold by a larger amount each week in every other country.)

PirateThom3594d ago

I think you'll find the 20GB 360's were ALL discounted.

Death3594d ago

The Metal Gear Bundle was the first PS3 available for over 6 months that had backward compatibility, the added memory ports, etc. It was Sony's premium SKU. By holding them from retail, it was a lock that they would sell out. Couple that with the fact Sony announced that these were the last of the b/c PS3's and it was a no-brainer.

The funny thing is Sony sited lack of consumer interest in their reason to remove b/c. While we all seen the MGS bundle fly off shelves, Sony said no one cared about the 80 gig since sales from January to June were so low. This was the second time Sony withheld product from retail and then blamed lack of sales as the reason to delete it.


InMyOpinion3594d ago

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 all year, and it's still behind with millions.

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