What I Want in Mass Effect Andromeda

This is what I want Bioware to include in Mass Effect Andromeda. I'll be happy with much better endings and non-forced multiplayer.

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RpgSama413d ago

I want it to be more Rpg than Action, more emphasis on status, builds and equipment, min/max and all that stuff on top of a great story with diverse characters.

TacticAce413d ago

I want what mass effect 1 wanted to be but was held back because of tech... Detailed planets, exploration, and fun gameplay.

wonderfulmonkeyman412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Aside from the flawed ending, I'd be happy if it built upon the systems present in Mass Effect 3.
Bring back what worked, but add in new things to spice it up.
Oh, and I didn't mind the multiplayer being tied into the single player, but it would be nicer if it wasn't.

zombiechimp412d ago

The multiplayer was good at the time because there were always people waiting and you weren't queuing for ages, but now the games older it's just boring waiting.