AceGamez Review: Pool Party

Tom Baines Writes:

" Everybody knows that looks aren't everything. We also know that we're not to judge a book by its cover. This are very good philosophies and excellent values to be teaching the younger folk in society, yet however hard we try not to, every now and again we do it automatically. I did it with Pool Party - and I'm not proud of myself for that.

Pool Party arrived in a small brown Jiffy bag, as is standard for a review game. Excitedly, I ripped the packet open and slipped the contents out onto my desk, finding it all to be a bit of a blur. First I switched the light on to see if that was the issue. That didn't help, so I popped off my glasses and gave them a bit of a wipe. Something still wasn't right and, short of suddenly developing cataracts, I decided that the issue wasn't with me but with the front cover of Pool Party. It's out of focus, in simple terms. There's photograph - a group shot of three friends playing a game of pool - and while it looks at first glance as though one section of the photo is out of focus to draw emphasis to another, upon closer inspection, I found no in-focus area at all."

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