LittleBigPlanet Intro Animation, and Custom Built Tank

GameXtract writes "Alright after this blog posting I will officially retire from writing LittleBigPlanet news for the rest of the night. It's been taking over this front page, and their are many other pieces of news out their screaming to be blogged, but these two videos were a must show so we had to go ahead and blog it. The first video is short, and only a few seconds long, but it shows the logo animation for the beginning of LittleBigPlanet. Their are no real spoilers unless you call the title animation a mind breach of the game. The second video is longer, and shows off a custom built tank. The player controlling Sacboy seems to have a hard time getting on making us wonder if this game is really as easy as it looks. He eventually gets on the tank, and is able to move it back and forth as well as being able to aim, and control the cannon. The two videos can be seen after the jump….in other news someone won a Resistance 2 tee-shirt. It could in fact be the gamer playing the game on screen, but we will never know for sure."

Custom tank video embeded. The intro video can be seen after the jump.

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QueefyB_Angelitos3752d ago

Yes, throwing the 360 to the wall brings a smile to my face.

QueefyB_Angelitos3752d ago

OMFG is what I said, when cooking on a 360 burns twice as much more calories than I thought.

InfiniteUnfloppery3752d ago

I'm buying 5 Copies of Little Big Planet,the Exclusive Playstation 3 game coming out at the end of October

QueefyB_Angelitos3752d ago

Make it 10, I heard the xbots would atleast try to steal 8 copies of those.

Rourker3752d ago

that's just awesome, wonder how long it would take for a player to make a vehicle like that?

jwatt3752d ago

Yea the vehicle remind me of those from Armageddon now that I think about it I can see somebody make a whole level like they're riding that vehicle on an astroid.

Kevin Pereira3752d ago

Us Xbox360 owners will be given the opportunity to create tanks like that in Banjo-Kazooie, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Oh my god, I'm gonna go kill myself!

QueefyB_Angelitos3752d ago

Im sry you have to meet the same fate as your 360

Bathyj3752d ago

This may a little mean of me, but I'm going to make a tank like that and a thousand little Xbox360's, put them in a pile and drive right over the top of them, much the same way that the HunterKillers drove over the skulls in The Terminator.


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The story is too old to be commented.