Ten videogame characters due a comeback

Destructoid: "The remake has been serving videogame companies very well indeed for the past few years. Such successes as Prince of Persia and Ninja Gaiden have shown that an old IP can be given a fresh coat of paint and entertain a new generation of fans, as well as make nostalgic retroheads beam with delight at seeing their old heroes return.

Then something like the Altered Beast remake happens.

Still, regardless of the few sore points, the glorious returns of long dead videogame characters won't end any time soon. Masked maniac Rick Taylor is set to return with Splatterhouse, while the groovy guy himself, Earthworm Jim, has a full revival planned for the future.

With sarcophagi being kicked over left, right and center, the corpses within reanimated to serve their masters once again, who is left in the mausoleum of forgotten game characters, just itching for that one big break that sees their return to the spotlight? We've gathered a group of forgotten game heroes who need one last chance to turn things around and are overdue their comeback. Hit the jump to refresh your memory and bask in the unglorious glory of these faded stars."

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