Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Defense Grid: The Awakening

GV reports:

''Before the PAX show floor even opened this lovely Friday morning, Coop and I had a meeting with Hidden Path Entertainment in which we got a chance to try out their upcoming tower defense game, Defense Grid: The Awakening. While Coop is a longtime fan of the genre, I haven't played such a game since my days with Warcraft III, so I was curious to see if this one would be able to hold my attention.

Two demo levels were made available to us, one easy and one more difficult, which helped me ease into the game. The first level I played was pretty straightforward, with enemies coming in droves attempting to steal some energy cores and get back to the exit with them. Usually the point of a tower defense game is to keep enemies getting to a base, but in Defense Grid they need to work their way out after looting your power core, which adds another layer to the gameplay. My job was to destroy them all and finish the level with at least one core remaining, although the more you end up with, the higher your score will be. Three different types of attack towers, Inferno, Gun, and Laser, were available for varying costs, and each was also had one upgrade obtainable. The final version will have many different types of towers in addition to the ones we saw today, each with two upgrades available.''

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