3 Reasons Why We All Need a Break From Zombies

Zombies are arguably one of the most popular enemies in all of gaming but is it time for them to go? Find out why we think so!

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OtterX638d ago

I agree, I'm getting a bit tired of zombie games too. However, we need them. How else are we going to be prepared for when the real zombie apocalypse happens? They are training simulators.

maniacmayhem638d ago

Besides Nazis, they are the best type of cannon fodder in video games.

skcej638d ago

Zombies are great, but I want 2016/ 2017 to be the age of pirates in gaming!

Aenea638d ago

Zombie pirates it is!


brianunfried638d ago

Needed a break like ten years ago.

Orejillz638d ago

Yeah, I like shooting them, but please give me something different. I like the points you bring up.

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The story is too old to be commented.