Five Worst Ways For Devs To Not Finish A Game

While a company like Valve is allowed to take as long as it damn well pleases in making their games, other developers aren't so fortunate. They're sometimes forced to rush their products to market and often it results in an outright butchering of the game. Here are some of the most disgusting shortcuts they take:

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Nevers3757d ago

...for this aricle...


I'm excited there is rumored to be a KOTOR MMOrpg in the works but very disappointed we will not get a true sequel for the "nothing ending" we were left with in KOTOR2.

EvilCackle3757d ago

I am curious if they revisit the storyline in the MMORPG at all, though. Granted you can't sustain as tight of a story in that sort of a game but I'd still love to see the old characters.

Nevers3757d ago

I hope they include a capper for all us KOTOR fans.

Tomonobu Itagaki3757d ago

All those points correspond to Assassin's Creed.

EvilCackle3757d ago

Except they never promised DLC. Or did they? Wouldn't surprise me.

Tomonobu Itagaki3757d ago

They said "Oh just STFU PS3 owners, we know we are dumbasses, give us a month or two to correct nothing via a patch".

BabyStomper50003757d ago

Fallout 3. What ever happened to the NMA version? Are they still doing that?? Where's Meus he'd know what I'm talking about!

TheColbertinator3757d ago

KOTOR 2 was amazing.The second best game on the Xbox.The first was KOTOR 1 of course

Droid3757d ago

kotor 1 ruled. kotor 2 wasn't finished. it was glitchy and rushed. it sucked.

and besides the best games on xbox were riddick, halo, SC, fable, and so on.

marichuu3757d ago

Yea.. Bioshock is crap, no multiplayer :(

Jokes aside... I agree with most of it, but the MMO/expansion part is lame.

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