1UP: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Review

This is possibly the most accessible incarnation to date, and if you've overlooked Disgaea until now, give this one a shot.

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RPG Guy3735d ago

PS3 RPGs fail this gen thus far. I can't believe I'm saying that as a former spoiled PS2 RPG player, but the 360 is so much better for the genre.

cahill3735d ago

thats debatable

Tales gor 7.25 from GI. They gave Disagea 8.25

so its debatable

However both are good games

RPG Guy3735d ago

I'll go 1up thank you very much. EBgames mag of choice has nothing on the likes of 1up/IGN/Gamespot for viability.

cahill3735d ago

GI is the biggest gaming mag in USA

1up is not as big as GI

IGN is the most reliable alongside Gamepro

Gamespot has gone astray

twininfinitysol3735d ago

If you're going to go so far as to say that IGN/1up/Gamespot are respectable RPG Guy, then I suppose the 8.2 IGN score is wrong? Check Game Informer's scores, they're not absurd by any means.

RPG Guy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

ANd where's Disgaea's review to compare to? Your comment fails. I mean, that's the point of what I'm talking about here isn't it? Once IGN gives Disgaea 7.5, what then?

r2kcipher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

i am pretty sure this is the only (rpg outside of japan) exclusive to the ps3. and since when does B- = F. what school did u go to? and RPGs are not mainstream. especially SRPGs buddy. so this is a good score imo.

edit: how many RPGs have u played on the ps3 so far anyways? seeing as they all fail. ur name fails credibility thus far. rpgguy. and now ur categorizing me. check my comment history 8 is not failing. get over it.

edit: ign gave folklore a 9 buddy

RPG Guy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Folklore was an RPG exclusive (of sorts), it failed to score as high as 360 RPGs through meta. And let's not forget everyone's favorite Untold Legends!

PS3 = Fail for RPGs this gen. If you PS3 fanboys can come out and say Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Tales fail for averaging 8/10, what does this review say about what you got? Check the threads people, freaking hypocrites.

Jamegohanssj53735d ago

Didn't Blue Dragon get like a 7 close to a 6? It doesn't matter if it did or didn't. Too bad these so called good RPG's on the 360 aren't pushing any consoles. Go crawl back into your little hole.


RPG Guy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Makes it easier for you to sleep at night? You go crawl back into your hole and watch more freaking Gilmore Girls.

Jamegohanssj53735d ago

OH MIO DIO! I IZ CRYING! Sorry, but you're just making yourself look like a complete idiot. You obviously know nothing.


pwnsause3735d ago

Poor guy, hes traumatized that his Rpgs dont sell in the RROD box.

DevilVergilX3735d ago

you do know that sells for blue dragon, lost Od., and others are bearly making less the 3/4 a mill or lower... which are pretty bad sales. And for god sakes people, stop thinking that JRPG's rule the market in the US... its always been japan that jrpg's make the most money. And it wont sell as good here, not unless theres a final fantasy before the title(for US and japan)... I mean seriously only 10-15% people in the states like jrpgs and the others are in to Fps, wrpg, Action, Action/Adventure, platformers, and rts.

IzKyD13313735d ago


if the 360 is so much better for RPGs, then why is it everytime a high profiled jprg comes out, it moves 360s in japan for like a week, and then goes back to last place....this has happended with all the 360s rpgs

cemelc3735d ago

Ps3 is getting almost all of your 360 rpg so no problem here, go and ask M$ to buy disgaea 3

GiantEnemyCrab3735d ago

I don't know if this would of degenerated into this e-peen comparison if the first asswad commentor didn't take a stab at Too Human which is a completely different game.

To all sacks going on about RROD and not moving consoles the PS3 RPG's aren't moving consoles either. The difference being is if you own a 360 you actually have a choice of good RPG's to choose from while on the PS3 you are limited. Like RPG Guy said the 360 is the best next-gen console for RPG's.

juuken3735d ago

And yet it got outsold by the PS3. Microsoft had those rpg's and yet it didn't do a damn thing.

I wouldn't lay the crown on Microsoft's head yet if I were you.

XxZxX3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Disagea is not RPG. Silly XBOT, Games is for PS3. You get Too Flop.

TheDeadMetalhead3735d ago

Would YOU trust a system that has a 10% failure rate?

$50 for XBL?

Lame Customer Service?

No AAA titles since 2007?

Why would someone want to buy a system with that many flaws? THAT'S why I'm getting a PS3 and NOT a 360. -_-

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Panthers3735d ago

This game is looking fun. SRPGs are growing on me. I dont know if anyone played Vandal Hearts, but that was the best SRPG I have played.

I am hoping to give this one a try, but it is going to be hard with Socom coming up.

ScratchMarks3735d ago

"Vandal Hearts"

Wonderful game. Never played the follow up.

Panthers3735d ago

The follow up was horrible because of one thing: You pick a characters actions all at one (move and attack) but before he does them, the comp gets to do the same thing. Then both characters move at the same time.

This means that your character will move to attack, but the character you attack will move somewhere else, making you swing at nothing...

It was the dumbest gameplay ever.

Marceles3735d ago

Vandal Hearts was awesome. Ash in Champion class = Epic

ExcelKnight3735d ago

Vandal Hearts 1 & 2 had their own separate charms. VH1 was far more strategic and punishing à-la Fire Emblem, whereas VH2 was more of a proof of concept when it came to simultaneous turned SRPGs.

In fact, I found myself planning out things twice as much when playing VH2 than VH1, especially due to the sometimes random nature of enemy movements in the same situations.

In fact, I'm sure a lot of people never knew that Konami announced Vandal Hearts DS a while ago. It's been since canceled, but I'll be damned if they never make another VH game again. Especially after how they ended VH2...

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FantasyStar3735d ago

If the previous games are anything to go by. For sRPG gamers worldwide. This game is the BIGGEST band for the BUCK, and at $50 retail?! I'll support that.

Panthers3735d ago

Yea I read about how many extras there were. That is incredible for a SRPG. Usually it is very linear.

Partisan3735d ago

RPG GUY? more like 360 GUY

anyway i just went to my gamestop today and they listed Disgea 3 for only $49 i was gona get it, bt i got Ninja gaiden sigma instead Greatest hits. and Socom confrontation is coming up so i won't have time for RPG. the only RPG im going to play is of course Final fantasy series.

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