7 Game Conventions to Attend Before You Die

A list of the seven best video game conventions, what makes them so great, and pictures from each one.

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InMyOpinion3761d ago

I'd rather die than visit Blizzcon. World of Warcraft is more or less a digital suicide.

jjgames3761d ago

The only show on this list I've been to is E3. Luckily it was before 2007. I really want to go to PAX and TGS though.

BIGELLOW3761d ago

...which one did you go to? I went to the 2006 one. Inasmuch as I think they need to bring back the old E3, I do see some of the examples (in terms of some booth babes) why the E3 people were getting nervous.

jjgames3761d ago

I went to E3 2004, 2005, and 2006. They were all good, but 2006 had a few too many people for my liking.

plain rice3761d ago

Blizzcon? Don't make me laugh.

jjgames3761d ago

What's wrong with BlizzCon? I've never been. It sounds great for Warcraft and Starcraft fans.