Games so Good, They Made an Anime About Them

It's not often that a game lives on beyond itsbeen published. These games were so good they made an anime around them.

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Kalebninja894d ago

MMM Fate/stay night was garbage the original anime and Unlimited Blade Works wasn't great either (Though UBWs animation/fights were amazing). But i will give it credit for spawning one of the best anime's Fate/Zero. A couple of these i definitely wouldn't go as far as to call them great.

I don't think you can say Disgaea got an anime because it was great, it's sales aren't even impressive, 1.7 in 8 years with several entries. There are plenty of games that have gotten anime adaptations like DRAMAtical Murder and Amnesia even though neither of those sold well.

Eiyuuou893d ago

Sssssht! We don't talk about the 2006 FSN anime. It never happened, capishe?

The main problem with the FSN animes as a whole is that each adaptation is just 1/3 of the complete story. The 3 routes need to be adapted so that they can be judged as a whole.

Kyosuke_Sanada893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Come on, how can you miss the Fatal Fury and Street Fighter animated movies? The 80's and 90's were chockful of great anime adaptations of video games which in my opinion, had much better quality than their modern counterparts.

Featuring_Dante893d ago

Persona 4 sucked overall as a persona game. The only reason it became popular because it catered to weeaboos. It seems there are no more good writers around. Its funny because Persona 2 has an amazing story, but it didn't catch on as it was very serious and didn't cater to the aforementioned demographic.

DragonDDark893d ago

Lol Persona 4 sucks!? Wot?

Kaneki-Ken892d ago

Ignorant you have become,and hatred flow thru you and this is why you failed. The irony is that Persona 1 and 2 writer is doing his own persona style game called Caligula and I see that he borrow a lot from Persona 4, and is like persona 4 but it n steroid.

Protagonist892d ago


What a Ignorant comment.

donwel893d ago

Actually Persona 4 got 2 animes. 1 for P4 and 1 for P4G.

Kaneki-Ken892d ago

P4G is bad, while the original was awesome.

just_sayin893d ago

Senran kagura has a anime......(leaves)

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