Warren Spector has it right when he says games aren't improving

Matt from GamersFTW writes: I have to say he has a point. The first game that comes to mind for me is the Call Of Duty franchise. Since Modern Warfare I feel a little bit like I’ve been playing the same game for the last six or seven iterations. Initially this isn’t a problem. I love the series, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 probably favorites – but herein lies the issue. Adding a higher number to the title won’t necessarily make it a better game.

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c00lvilKid69999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

I don’t even think Warren Spector is referring to particular franchises when he says things are getting stale. I just think there’s a staleness to video games in general. Generic third-person shooters, the saturation of first-person shooters, cinematic uncharted clones, etc. It’s all incredibly samey imo.

FasterThanFTL1999d ago

Where are the cinematic Uncharted clones? If anything there are not enough of them.

never4get998d ago

x86, windows, DirectX and games aren't improving. Massive Extinction of Game Developers happening in Gaming?!!!

abstractel998d ago

Yeah I am sorry but I think it's BS. There's never been more diversity in gaming thanks to indie movement. We have games like Firewatch and The Witness as well as fantastic diverse triple A open world titles, linear action games, massive RPGs. Having been gaming since the C64, I've never seen more diversity and forward momentum in gaming. I've never really liked Warren Spector's statements. He lives off his work on Deus Ex and Syndicate and hasn't really made anything noteworthy since then (in my opinion). It's never been a better time to be a gamer.

nommers998d ago

I think it would be more accurate to say RE4 clone, which Gears of War was heavily influenced from and thus creating the multiplayer 3rd person shooter and cinematic game archetype. There were a lot of games in the last 10 years that at the very least took on this approach in some form, including Uncharted, Dead Space, Read Dead Redemption, GTA and notable well established franchises like MGS that didn't originally have a more focused third person shooter over the shoulder feel, but which now have. Resident Evil changed too obviously after the success of RE4.

Ck1x999d ago

Not to mention that every game wants to be a open world, "western RPG", with multi-player elements and cinematic free running experiences. It does get very old after a while, even the new FF wants to emulate something that is more mainstream in order to gain mass appeal.

frostypants999d ago

Too many devs are putting all their energy into using new hardware to push prettier graphics, rather than deeper and more interactive experiences.

mechlord998d ago

Persona 5, for what i have seen, begs to differ.

Youre still right tho...

abstractel998d ago

Look at the spectrum of diverse titles we have these days:

On one end; Story driven games with barely any action like, all with unique visual styles like Firewatch, The Witness, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Journey, Everyone's gone to Rapture, Unravel...

Another end; Great open world games like Tomb Raider (which is semi open world), Assassin's Creed Syndicate, GTA V, Metal Gear Solid, Dying Light, Batman,

Linear action; Uncharted, Last of Us (groundbreaking story telling as well), God of War series, Killzone, Quantum Break, Mirror's Edge, Alien Isolation all different from each other and all high quality.

Innovate multiplayer; The Division, Destiny, Evolve, For Honor, etc. plus plenty of quality mp that's semi-innovative like

Traditional RPGs that are innovating; Persona 5, Final Fantasy Type 0, Child of Light, South Park, I would include Dragon Age 3 as a traditional western RPG, World of Final Fantasy, Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 etc.

Action RPGs that are steadily improving the genre: Final Fantasy XV, Witcher 3, Kingdom Hearts series,

Plain innovative AAA titles like Dreams.

Top Down RPGs like Diablo are very much alive

MMORPGs are doing really well.

Advent of VR.

Really don't see how some can't see the incredible time of gaming we are living in and how much it's evolving. Compare games this year and last year to just a few years ago and tell me that games aren't getting better. SMH.

exkalibur97999d ago

generally speaking thats true for the aaa market, because lets face it budgets for games have skyrocketed while the price for said game has stayed more or less the same. its simply better to go for the sure thing that popular then to try and make something new.

KurtRussell999d ago

That's the main problem right there. They are more interested in maximizing profits instead of creating the best game they can. Most AAA games now are designed as a money making product not a work of art.

frostypants999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

@KurtRussell, I think there's an argument to be made that that's never NOT been the case. Sales has always mattered to major developers. I think they're just underestimating how well a little creativity can sell.

Fez998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I know you're not doing this, but I hate seeing the recent trend of justifying bad business practices or shady microtransactions and DLC by saying "budgets for games have skyrocketed"...

Firstly, a large chunk of that is due to advertising which does nothing for the consumer.

Secondly, I assume it is usually the choice of the publisher/developer at how much it will cost to develop. As an example, we shouldn't feel sorry for a company if they splurge out on increasing employee count by 200% to try and increase profits and gain market share. That was their decision to increase operating costs for their own benefit. Expecting the consumer to keep shelling out more and more for no added value to cover their risky decisions and marketing budgets will lead to bigger problems for the industry in the long term.

Thirdly, video games are still massively profitable otherwise they wouldn't continue the business.


On topic: I agree we aren't seeing the big leaps from the 90s/00s era in terms of graphics and gameplay. Hopefully VR can inject some innovation.

3-4-5999d ago

Too much copying and not enough risks or originality.

There is some here and there but overall it's not as fresh and exciting.

The last 2 gens had much more variety.

Everybody is too obsessed with making games LOOK real, instead of just making fun appealing games to play.

nommers998d ago


Persona 5 isn't anything new, it's just not something that's with the current trends of the last two generations. It's from generations before that. Although that's not a bad thing; games can only go so far before history inevitably repeats itself and an older style of gaming comes back to feel refreshing. A lot of great indie games for instance tried their hands at a metroid-vania style of game a few years back and it worked out very well for them.

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shodan74999d ago

I respectfully disagree with that view. There are so many boundary-pushing games right now doing really interesting and innovative things. You just need to look beyond the obvious annual mainstream franchises, which will almost always take an 'if it ain't broke' approach.

Yukes999d ago

Have to say I agree with you in principle. The issue and sad thing is the dominance of these annual mainstream franchises in the sales charts, though. The vast majority of innovative games are still stuck on the fringes, looking with bemusement at the often broken, repetitive goliaths still commanding attention.

Ark_999d ago

It's the same in every medium - be it books, music, films etc.
The majority of people do NOT want to be challenged, but entertained.
(They indulge in known formulas, be it beloved platforms, genres, franchises, gamemechanics, storys or characters. It's a certain kind of identity build around those things. Which is btw true for me as well.)

It's allways a curious minority exploring new concepts first. Until it gets a trend. (e.g. Minecraft)
Those innovative games of today are also the potential "repetitive goliaths" of tomorrow, IF they catch fire.

frostypants999d ago

Just to be clear, Minecraft rode the wave started by Infiniminer.

mrmacw999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Oh yeah I realise if you look beyond the mainstream there's gold there - but with mainstream titles holding most of the spotlight the games we play most are guilty of this repetitive trend. Which I think is what Spector is referring to.

Perjoss999d ago

The headline is a misquote, he said he hadn't seen a lot of progress in *mainstream* gaming, he didn't say gaming in general.

Ck1x999d ago

It's very easy to say that there are so many boundary pushing games, but it's another thing to actually list them. For almost every game that is out now, there were similar games doing the same thing last generation. Visual fidelity and the amount of on screen interactions are the only things that have increased this generation.

We haven't seen any major leaps in Ai or groundbreaking game play ideas, or physics. That's why there are so many articles on N4G simply about 1080p this and that, because everything else has just been so lackluster that all anyone can praise is the visual bump over the previous generation.

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Errorist76999d ago

I kinda agree there are few games as groundbreaking as TLOU or RDR. Most of the stuff out there is pretty samey minus some indie titles. AAA games really need to get more out of their comfort zone!

Gatsu999d ago

It's easier said than done though.

Errorist76999d ago

Yeah I know. With the huge production costs these days people afraid to take risks.

KurtRussell999d ago

Whats so groundbreaking in TLOU except it "being cinematic"?
And RDR? Asking bc i never played them but watched quite a bit and didn't see anything groundbreaking.

Errorist76999d ago

Both games did things mostly with their storytelling and incredibly well done gameplay no other medium would be able to do. After finishing both games I said there for hours incredibly moved and thinking about the games for hours, days and weeks. They are experiences, more than just games. I don't think just watching them can transport that, one has to identify with the characters.

sullynathan999d ago

There was nothing specifically groundbreaking in either game you mentioned.

Wallstreet37999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

in general i would agree, however their are many games that have been released that have innovated, improved and pushed gaming forward for the better. Games like Demon Souls with its special flavor on mp that has spawned Dark Souls, Bloodborne and some copy cats. Games like Journey which was very artistic and had a special mp aspect. LBP series which took the plat former genre on consoles to a new level with a robust build and create system. Ill add Heavy Rain with its step up on cinematic approach and and qtes. I mean if you look there are some good gems that have went outside the box. I think Sony platform especially has been pushing that innovation and trying to improve the gaming landscape with all those games mentioned and "Dreams", "Wild", etc.. coming soon.

Of course since i didnt mention ppls console of choice theyll hate on my post lol hahahah go handle that with the company not me.

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