GamerTM: Summer Athletics Review

GamerTM writes: "With the Beijing Olympics being the big thing at the moment, the games industry has some well-timed titles for your delectation. Just like the slew of tennis games that appear around Wimbledon, Summer Athletics along with Beijing 2008 arrived panting at the game stores before the Olympic flame even reached its final resting place.

Although Summer Athletics doesn't carry the official stamp of the Olympics, this may actually be a good thing. There's no use of real athletes in Beijing 2008 anyway, so there's not that much difference in terms of mirroring the real events. For some, Beijing is such a hotbed of controversy that avoidance of anything officially related to the Games is absolute. There's no such restriction with Summer Athletics, which simply serves to allow you the opportunity to run, jump, swim and dive your way to a few generic gold medals without even the smallest hint of any Olympic rings to spoil your enjoyment."

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