Giant Bomb First Impressions: Yggdra Union

GV reports:

''When I hear the phrase "card-based combat", I usually cringe, and then go run in the opposite direction and hide. To be fair, my only past experience with card-based combat was Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which I found downright unpleasant (this from a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series). Therefore, when I received my copy of Atlus's Yggdra Union, I was a little apprehensive. The game was described as being a tactical RPG, but the "card-based combat" that appeared in the press release frightened me.

Luckily, the cards haven't stopped me from enjoying the game thus far. I'm only a few hours in, and while it hasn't been the most engaging tactics game I've ever played, it is very enjoyable and easy to get into. The massive amounts of tutorials that take place early in the game might be an annoyance to veterans of the genre, but Yggdra is much more accessible to newcomers than, say, Final Fantasy Tactics (which scared me away from tactical games for a good ten years).''

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