Buy Knights in the Nightmare, get Yggdra Union FO' FREE

Do you like free games? Want to get an extra mile out of that dusty PSP? Buy Knights in the Nightmare, get a free JRPG!

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Godmars2902934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Need more info. Is this like a Gamestop deal or limited to launch date?

[email protected]:
its not really saying. Just that you buy one game, the physical copy I'm assuming, and you get the DL code to DL the other. Not saying if its a limited, region or even store brand name related deal.

T3h Kaiser2934d ago

Why don't you click the article and find out?

Homicide2933d ago

Anyone who buys a launch copy (including the PSN version) gets the free game. It isn't limited to GameStop.