10 Severely Underrated RPGs You Need To Check Out

If the video game RPG genre was a human being, it’d be that kid who was a bit of an outsider in school; probably bullied and laughed at for playing with his imaginary friends, but never complained, kept doing their thing, and went on to be successful and appreciated by people later in life.

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slappy5081070d ago

I reckon I need to check out that Vampire game. Also come January, Dragons Dogma would need to be on the list when it launches on steam

DarkOcelet1070d ago

Dragons Dogma is a must have game. Such an excellent game.

AlokTheDemon1070d ago

no fast travel and repetitive spawn is only thing that I dislike about dragon dogma. otherwise an excellent game indeed.

DarkOcelet1070d ago


Dark Arisen Expansion added Fast Travel btw :)

slappy5081070d ago

I think I played it on the PS3 when there wasn't fast travel. I actually didn't mind not being able to fast travel because I just like walking around and exploring in these types of games. Obviously it is useful to have fast travel in there so that's pretty cool. But I want that 60fps and higher res the most!

DarkOcelet1070d ago

Dont worry, the fast travel issue has been fixed in Dark Arisen so you are gonna be good.

And this game will look stunning on PC.

YoungKingDoran1070d ago

Most RPGs age really well. I expect a lot of us will have some catching up to do when we are old, decrepit and don't understand the new, silly technologies these kids use (and even our Holodecks became obsolete decades ago).
well, i hope i made some sense in my 1 sentence glimpse at the future.