SoulCalibur IV - Limited Edition content arrives at a high price

More costume content has arrived on the Live Marketplace, setting you back 200 points. The download is 108KB and therefore is most likely already contained on the disk.It's actually only some of the Limited Edition content so be warned. Namco is obviously attempting to fleece the fans.

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Irving3478d ago

Scamco living up to its name.

SCThor3478d ago

and they'll make you pay for the others, mark my words. This have to stop somewhere, starting with me don't buying it.

consolewar3478d ago

lets start with the man in the mirror.

sinncross3478d ago

i cant believe they r making us pay for content thats on the disc... goodness, this is y DLC sucks so much.

ExcelKnight3478d ago

This is what happens when DLC goes wrong.

Sometimes DLC can be very right, like what happened with Burnout Paradise: A year's worth of updates coming, all of them should be free. They basically tripled the game's initial size as of right now.

ShadesMoolah3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

This is only part of the content that came with the LE version (five items in total). 200 points is like £2.00.

Alexander Roy3478d ago

Stuff that's on the disc but needs to be bought in order to be used = BULLSH'T.

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The story is too old to be commented.